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  1. D

    How do plants deal with 98 degree temps?

    I need help about a hot spell that's coming up in a few days. Grow Info Strain - AK-48 Number of Plants? 2 Growth Stage? Flower - week 2. Plants are in good shape but have just recovered from a mild case of nute damage. I dicked up the conversion factor so I was 40% over strength for the...
  2. Tokeman1

    Tokeman1's 2k Hydro H20 Cooled Tent

    Hi folks, I have been growing on and of for 20 years ranging from 8 -60 plant grows all in soil and most organic. I have been relatively successful but now that I could have gotten much better results, especially in yield consistency. This is my first attempt growing hydro, and any...
  3. Closet Farmer

    Cabinet & Tent, Buckets & DWCt, White Widow Max

    Strain-White Widow Max Feminized Just planted the sprouts on 7/1/2010 I am growing this out of a grow box I purchased from Sunlight Sheds. It is the Cool Cab unit. The box itself if very stealth. It has two built in fans and a vent unit in the back of the cabinet. It also has a...
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