water farms

  1. S

    WaterFarm grow advice please

    i just started my grow room i have 5 water farms and a 600 watt hps light. the room is about 11 feet tall 3 feet wide and 5 feet long i recently grew about 7seedlings to about 5-6 inches then i planted them in the waterfarms and they all died verysoon after.the temperature in the room has ranged...
  2. pompom

    Completed Hi tech (drob) hydro violator kush

    This should be fun to watch because the plants are right at the point of harvest. I am going to upload all of my pics through the grow that will finish with the harvest later this week. And just to up the suspence a bit the Violator Kush is so sugary that it has tunnels of cyristals on some of...
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