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water ph

  1. Km021

    New grower need help

    Hey mates İm growing organicly And im always confusing bout suitable water for my plants :lot-o-toke: , my tap water comes with 220 Ppm n it’s very hard, so i have found a bottled drinking water contains cal mag in it with total mineral around 92 mg/l or ppm that the bottle label is attached...
  2. T

    Accidentally used non-organic Ph Up and Ph Down in organic soil for 1st watering.

    I recently l got a 4x4 tent set up with a 315w CMH and a 6" max fan for pulling air out. I only have 1 6" intake atm, but I'm going to get another one in there here soon. Anyhow. I have a Skywalker clone and a Fruit Punch clone that I bought to start growing. I have them on a 18/6 light...
  3. P

    Ph down

    I have hard water of about 7.5 ph from my taps, is mixing vinegar with it to lower ph a bad method? any help please? oh and what humidity do i need for clones?
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