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  1. T

    Diagnosis please - Suggestions needed

    These 3 plants were grown on the south side of a house in 80-100 degree weather, the owner watered morning and nights, (maybe over watered), planted in Happy Frog, they are about 8 feet and above and still growing, i am curious why the yellowing leaves and help is appreciated on what i can do...
  2. J

    Can I use run-off water?

    Hey i was watering my gals yesterday over a few bags and drained them into a container and sealed it. Im just wondering if i watered my girls with it would it be beneficial at all and if so should i water the run-off down before watering my gals with it?
  3. B

    I want to grow some pot

    I put a seed into 655 ml of sunshine #4 and watered it.
  4. S

    I have a Def-Con 4 situation

    Ok so I'm new to back yard growing. My plant was doing really well then I read about using molasses and for the last 4 days I have put 3 table in a 9 ltr bucket and watered my plant daily. All was great up until yesterday, I had watered it using the molasses and 3 or 4 hrs later my plant looked...
  5. W

    One of my girls are sick! Please help

    Hey what's up everyone This is my first post and also my first time growing. I am growing for white widows and one Purple Haze in one Jack Herer. First problem is on one of my white widows (bottom left) I have yellow spots and now brown spots so the plant looks sick but the thing is I've used...
  6. Komplex180

    Does this look over-watered or wilting?

    A little background on the ladies. They are in their 13th day of flower, 5 gallon smart pots, FFOF amended with some goodies and perlite, and under one Mars Pro II 400w and a Mars 300w. On day one of flower I watered the ladies. By the time I came home on day 7 I found them looking...
  7. D

    New grower looking for any help

    Hey folks, so my first grow, have 3 plants going, autos. 2 of my plants seem to have issues and hoping an expert can help me determine whats going on. 1st plant has yellow "spots" on it. I had originally thought it was leaf septoria and was removing leaves as recommended but just not...
  8. M

    Starting to get irritated with her

    Ill have to say I got this Amnesia Bilbo strain because it said that it grows to a giant and because it says its a very forgiving plant.. I don't know whats going on.. It seems like every week there's some kind of problems with her.. I over watered her once which is what she is looking like...
  9. A

    First time plant murderer

    Hello all, I am 2 weeks into making my first grow room (closet), and I'm royally screwing it up. I got clones from a friend which came in individual starter pots about 3 inches deep and 2 inches diameter. When I got them they looked green and healthy. Here's what two weeks with my black thumb...
  10. The Germinator

    Nitro burn?

    This didn't happen till I watered with 1ml of each flora trio in a half gallon of water. That was below the recommended. They're under a mh 600 watt lamp. Temp 75-81. I moved the light from bout two feet to two and a half feet. It's just regular potting soil. Not self feeding type. The plant is...
  11. A

    How bad is it to overwater a little bit one time?

    My plant has a bunch of deficiencies and I recently got happy frog fruit and flower and top dressed with 1/2 cup. I want to pour some water over it to help the nutrients get down into the soil but the problem is i watered just Thursday morning. I've never over watered before and its still in...
  12. L

    Please help

    Ok guys and gals. I have been involved in growing for quite some time now but never had my own. Recently, i aquired a plant that a friend of nine never did get into the ground and was very very neglected. He was going to throw it away but instead i took it to see what i could do with it in my...
  13. Iguana Man

    Bianca Feminized - MarsHydro 300 LED - Soil/Coco/Perlite

    Bianca Feminized — MarsHydro 300 LED — Soil/Coco/Perlite First off, many thanks to the people here who have and continue to help me along with my first grow. Equipment/Supplies; Bianca Feminized via Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds. 85% Indica 15% Sativa Jiffy Peat Pellets Fox Farm Happy...
  14. G

    Taco effect please help

    hi,this is my first grow, i use a 600w hps,temp around 25-27 degrees, the plants are 2 weeks old, i have to say that i.ve used water with the ph 7.5 because i didn,t had ph meter and after i got the ph meter i was trying to get down the ph with lemon and i watered the plants 1 time with that water
  15. M

    Inexperience hurts

    growing 1 indica plant was growing great still in veg.stage .well 2 days ago i added some ground up egg shells and ground up banana peals to the soil mixing it in about 3-4 inches.today when i watered i noticed a lot of yellowing and tips of the leafs turning brown and brittle.i think i may...
  16. photos

    Organic outdoor time machine

    Hi everyone this is my all organic high brix watered by god i do nothing plant!
  17. K

    Watered my plants with tap water that was really cold, are they doomed?

    Hello, I just watered my plants with tap water that was really cold. I realized this only after I watered them. Used a blowdryer to warm up the pot a bit. Plants are 10days old. Are they done for now or what will happen to them?
  18. M

    Help - I think they are under-watered

    i have 3 pineapple kush and 1 blue mystic under 2 300 watts hydro mars LED week 2 flowering 12/12 light cycle im certain they arent over watered but could possibly be under watered... any help or suggestions would be greatly appriciated!!! ive oploaded a picture below if you guys cant see it...
  19. N

    Please tell me! Is she as good as dead?

    Im a complete noob. Roast me if you wish.. Age: Unknown Time into flowering: Approx 4 weeks Lives outdoors- kind of does what she wants. Never given any nutes. So while she was in veg the Older leaves always yellowed and died off. It seems Now that she is flowering the symptoms have...
  20. B

    Overwatered or Underwatered? - Pictures Inside

    Ok, I have an auto in a 7 gallon pot. I have been watering them with a Solo cup, usually no more than a 1/4 to 1/2 a cup. Been a day or two since I watered this one. If I dig down in the soil about an inch, the soil is moist. Should I water or wait?