1. G

    How much water to give seedlings? When to transplant

    I'm having a hell of a time with this I have one real grow under my belt and I started with clones and it was outdoors. Now I'm inside and I have started with seeds. I germinated them in paper towels for a few days then planted them. They were planted on May 20 probably 10 Pm so ultimately May...
  2. Tommygun93

    Biobizz light mix high run off E.C

    Hi guy just a quick one. First time using BioBizz light mix. And there worm Humus. Just planted clones. second feed and the run off E.C has come up quite high. input - 6.5PH 1.4E.C Output 7.5PH 4.9E.C only around a litre of water fed to plant since planting. I plan...
  3. F

    Greetings: Minor help

    Hello! I joined this forum because it’s my first time growing and I’m having trouble with yellow leaves in 2nd week of veg for autos. They’re in Happy Frog soil with some roots organics top dress for nitrogen, but I’m still noticing the lower leaves yellowing... Could it be a watering issue? I...
  4. OMGReptar

    What’s going on with these plants? I really need some help

    I’ve got a few different symptoms going on with 2 of my plants. Both are the same strain and being treated the same. Both photoperiod. Medium: Happy Frog soil Water: tap, ph is around 7.4 and ppm about 90. Light: 300 watt LED, 24” away Grow area: 2x4x7 tent Temp: 25C (78F) Humidity: 65%...
  5. S

    Weak stem, looks crushed

    Hello. In 24 h my plant went from a resistant tick stem to the one in the picture. Did somebody mess with it or it happens? It looks squezed. I only deposit a litle of water on the dish so the roots could go for it. But i noticed the dirt is extreamly soaked. Is this over watering? Can i...
  6. J

    New grower needing advice

    Hi so I am just starting up. Im expanding my built in wardrobe, will be 2mx2mx2.4m when finished. Im white walling the area. Im looking for some advice on how many 11l pots to put under 600w light. Light schedule will be 18/6. Im using autos from barneys farm. Im going to use bio bizz light mix...
  7. T

    Under or over watered?

    Im a newbie grower just looking for some advice. Over or under watered?
  8. odam2k

    Arduinos In The Grow Room: My Project

    Hi there, I'm about a month into my project, and decided it's time to not only share it, but document it as well. Hopefully posting here will accomplish both :) I will keep this first post short, and come back often updating the thread, which should be quite often as I have nothing much else to...
  9. P

    1st time grow, deficiency? Nute burn?

    Hey all! These plants are all in General Hydroponics cocotek and using Green Planet "take it and grow" nutrients kit. They are about 5 weeks from germination. Lately I am noticing the bottom leaves are dying off and some tip burn. Some purple stems too. I use the 5 gal jugs of water at room...
  10. C

    1st time hydro - Over or under watering?

    First let me start off by saying hello! Thank you for taking the time to help me with my probelm. If you want to skip all the BS and get down to it, just skip to the end. This is my first time grow and im going off of everything that I have been reading online here in the forums over the past...
  11. Spondylo Grow

    Tops and new growth yellowing with every water & feed

    Hello everyone. Fairly new grower seeking tips, ideas, suggestions, etc... Currently growing 4 plants under LED in a small tent (all specs below). For the most part, the plants seem healthy and everything is moving right along. But for some reason unknown to me, every time I water, whether it...
  12. 4

    Completed Squattingbear's Promix Pineapple Cheese Tent

    Hello everyone. I recently planted two pineapple chunk seeds and two cheese seeds in promix. Originally thinking this was soil, I was watering at a ph of 6.3-6.5. The plants appear to be riddled with deficiencies ( I think due to ph swing and possibly over watering?). Upon reading more on...
  13. M

    Living Soil Watering Question

    Hey friends, I'm pretty new here so I may have missed this topic somewhere, but I've been searching online for awhile and not found anything. I'm growing an organic living soil grow in 20 gallon fabric pots using LEC lights. The plants are in week 2 of flower have have vegged for 2 months. In...
  14. philthegeek

    DIY Autopot Smartvalve setup

    So, doing a rearrangement of the tent to take some clones to flower before i do my next grow from seed. I had a watering system set up that gravity fed via a ball valve tap timer onto watering (felt) mat in trays. Bottom up watering into the pots. Worked ok, but had to get the timer set...
  15. L

    Potential problem I need help identifying

    Hey guys/gals.... I'm having a potential issue I could use some advice on.. My plants look very healthy overall with zero signs of over fertilization... They do not have tip burn nor do they seem to be that dark green usually attributed to over doing it and they are growing very...
  16. I

    Leaf droop - Watering - Nutes - Or root bound?

    Hi guys, just wondering if i could get a wee bit of advise regarding the state of one of my plants. Strain is called Easy Bud - its a mostly Indica Auto. about 5 weeks old now. Soil grow under 160W LED light, grown in a fridge. air intake and exhaust fans. Temps 27- 30C PH run off last...
  17. G

    Abandoned Greenfing's Two White Widows SCROG

    Hi, Going for my 3rd grow, this time with two White Widows:) Strain; White Widow Pot; Rootpuch 56L Soil; 40L + 8L perlite Tent; Secret Jardin DARK ROOM II - DR240W v3.0 (120x240 / 4x8) Light; 600w HPS + 2 x 200W CXB3590 3000k/3500k Light Schedule; Veg - 18/6, Flower 12/12 Nuts...
  18. J

    Hello everyone! New to growing looking for some advice

    Hello everybody, i am experiencing something that i think might be a phosphorus deficiency but i am not 100% sure. it started on the bottom 2 fan leaves and is slowly spreading up. Im not sure if i should flush the plant then add nutes or if i should just add some extra phosphorus in the next...
  19. G

    Automatic watering system

    Is there any commercial watering systems available at a reasonable price now? Something with a humidity sensor and a water pump?
  20. J

    First time grow

    I've got them in 6 L pots with potting mix. Watering them every 2nd day with 100-200 ml's of water. Got them in natural sun light for 12 hours, then under a CLF for another 6, then 6 hours in darkness. Getting my PH tester and PH up & down tomorrow. After about 4 more weeks I'll change them to a...
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