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  1. Ron Strider

    OR: Portland Case Reveals Gap In Rules To Separate Day Care, Cannabis Businesses

    State regulators allowed a Portland man to have a childcare business in his home while owning a storefront dispensary selling marijuana. Those potentially dueling interests didn't surface until this summer, after two childcare employees quit and contacted the state. They accused the day care...
  2. K

    Judge - Insurance Company Must Pay For Medical Marijuana For Injured N.J. Worker

    In what could become a precedent-setting decision, a New Jersey administrative law judge has ordered an insurance company to pay for medical marijuana for an injured worker who suffers from lingering neuropathic pain in his left hand after an accident while using a power saw at an 84 Lumber...
  3. K

    Craft-Beer Trade Group Finally Addresses The Possible Effect Of Legalized Marijuana

    Like a stressed-out dad who ignores the fact that his kids smell of pot whenever they come home from school, the Brewers Association has been dodging the issue of marijuana for a while. Although the Boulder-based organization, which represents the craft-beer industry nationwide, is located in...