1. M

    Increase HPS wattage in flower?

    Hi guys, i have 4 plants in a 120cmx120cmx200cm tent, currently under 1000w de HPs currently dimmed to 700w. Its a dimlux light with xtreme built in ballast and is fine to dim according to dimlux.Temps are around 26 and as its extremely cold where i am it sometimes goes low as 23 lights on...
  2. Jackalope

    250 Watt CFL

    I have a 250 watt CFL grow light. I'm thinking of doing a Auto grow with it. I know its not a lot of light. How will it work? Any input would be appreciated
  3. 1

    Completed Beginner Grow - 5x6 Room - 1000Watt MH/HPS - PK Maui Waui Blackwater

    1st time grower. Looking for a place to keep a few photos of my progress. Feel free to add any comments, questions, tips, suggestions, etc. I will give a quick run down of what I have done so far and my setup. Around December 23rd, 2017 I placed 4 Crop King Feminized Purple Kush and some...
  4. F

    Which red spectrum light as a kicker to my 4x4 tent with 600Watt LED?

    Running a Viparspectra model 1200W ( 600 watt ) in a 4x4 grow tent. Need a great red spectrum kicker to kick up the budding.
  5. N

    What's the problem with this plant? Can't figure it out

    So I've had this problem on last grow and it's seems to be back. Tingrine-o-matic, week 5, fox farms soil, Humboldt country nutes and recharge but very limited. Was using well water but have switched to distilled and came up in ph from 6-6.5 to 7. Neem at 3 weeks one time. Humidity 40-50%, temp...
  6. B

    Anyone using the Nanolux de super 600 watt?

    Hello fello growers as the title says anyone rocking these nanolux de super 600 watt lights? Are they reliable, how are the different hoods that are suppose to be for a 4x4 foot print? De or 630 watt cmh I have a 8ft x 12ft x 6ft8 high tent I was thinking of 8 lights in total? or maybe 6 will be...
  7. T

    Abandoned Tokiwartooth's 1000 Watt Multi Strain Coco Grow - 1st Ever

    Hi guys. I'm completely new to 420 magazine just looking for tips here as I see lots of great feedback on these forums. I've grown once in the past in a closet with 2 45 watt LEDs. Obviously my results were subpar to crap. I have now built a 4x4x7 tent bought a 1000 watt light. Set up...
  8. G

    Ceramic Metal Halide Lighting Questions

    HI all I'm new to 420mag, but not a new grower. i have been reading the 420 forums for the last year also doing 2 indoor grows and also a successful outdoor harvest. I feel that I'm ready to step up my growing standards and dive into CMH! IN the past i grew with my 600 watt hps while using an...
  9. G

    How much THC in those plants? 3 lights 3 results

    Here's some real testing of 3 lights. 400 watt Spectrum King (LED), 315 watt CMH (LEC), and a 750 watt GAVITA. This guy is constantly growing plants. He seems to like Spectrum King lights because of the lower heat and terpines. He also likes the resin and efficiency of the LEC. Enjoy.
  10. Bradley1992

    Completed 300 Watt LED Soil Grow

    Beginning of a new adventure
  11. T

    Abandoned Praying Purple Mantis & GDP 2K Watt Scrog

    Hello all, and welcome to my garden. This grow is on day 41 of flower for the start of this journal. All of these are clones that i have ran in the past, so i know what to expect from these two strains. I am running both hoods on 725w due to light stress. My room is sealed and air conditioned...
  12. GROWant

    GROWant OSRAM LED Grow Lights #3 - G5-HiPAR Series 800 Watts

    Greeting All Members, GROWant, as a LED Grow Lights Sponsor in 420mag, we had presented our high end LED Grow Light in previous posts. 1. New Sponsor - GROWant - & Fellow Cannabis Enthusiast & Product Presentation Episode #1 - G3HiPAR Series 2. New Sponsor - GROWant - Product Presentation...
  13. P

    Help with lighting and grow size

    Looking to do an indoor grow this winter. I currently have a 6x54 T-5 aquarium hood, it will need new bulbs, since the current ones are for growing coral, so what bulbs should I get? Also, I've have been looking at some 1000 and 1200 watt LED setups. What size (SQ FT.) would the T-5 do, and...
  14. F


    Is it better to use 2 300 watt leds or one 600 watt led??
  15. C

    Apollo 75 watt CFL's glow in the dark.

    Yep it's official. Both of my Apollo 75 watt cfl's glow after lights off. Even a few hours later. I mean glowing bright enough where you can see your hand. I was unscrewing them and putting them in the closet, then one night I forgot. I just don't use them anymore. My Apollo 250 watt CFL's...
  16. 2

    Abandoned Blueberry Indoor

    Crop king blueberry 1000 watt
  17. C

    CFL glows at night!

    Just had a couple extra 75 watt CFL grow light bulbs. So, I decided to use them on the lower branches. Along with my big CFL's and three 600 watt led panels. I was lying in my flower room about two hours after the lights went out making sure there was no light leaking in, when I saw one of my 75...
  18. N

    Week 7 of flowering Gorrilla Glue

    Can somebody help me and tell me about how much more longer till harvest.. in week 7 currently.. 400 watt mh . Vegged for a month 4 days.
  19. R

    Abandoned First Time Grow: Help Wanted

    Hi, I'm a first time grower currently growing two seedlings (1 Easy Ryder Auto and 1 Auto Purp) under a 10 watt cfl inside a suitcase lined with aluminum foil (its sloppy, I know). I had plans to grow nine of my 15 seeds under a 1000 watt HPS in a 5x5 grow tent, but the owners of the...
  20. DonJuanaGrow

    I'm happy to be back.

    I've been Growing my own Medical Grade Marijuana for the past 6 years as a result of the cost to fill my 90 gram per month prescription from my Family Practitioner. Also I've learned that No Bud is as Great as Own Grown is. I'm 53 and I'm about to start my 6th ever Grow Journal Under the new...
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