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  1. TheGrowerOfDank

    Help choosing LEDs for grow

    Hey guys, I’m currently researching and buying equipment for my first grow. The tent size I’m going with is 1.5m x 1m x 2m, how many LEDs and what wattage will I need in order to maximise my yield?
  2. N

    Light for 27"x27"x63" Grow Tent

    Hey all! So I ended up buying a 600W LED grow light, yet it does produce quite a bit of Heat. Even for an LED fixture as I have two 4" inch fans that push 195CFM and it still hits about 77-80F. It says its equivalent to running a 300W HPS/HID which I still seem to doubt although it is extremely...
  3. P

    MH wattage guide per plant

    I've been trying to get a straight answer to a simple question for a few weeks but everywhere I've looked the answers are argumentative or not addressing the question. Here it is: *as a general rule* how many watts per plant when using an MH bulb? I don't want watts per square foot. I...
  4. H

    Need Help With LED's

    Hello Everyone, Thanks for reading this! I've got a small space of 2x2 ft = 4 sq.ft, and I have a doubt regarding the lighting. I've read in multiple threads that 30-40watts per sq.ft should be adequate, and i'd love it if some of you could confirm that? for example if i'm considering...
  5. T

    This is getting worse

    This is my second grow. First one was great. Four plants (white widow) yielded about 4 oz.'s of good buds. I decided to try to increase yield by increasing wattage from 320 to 480 in CFL's. This is from a stunted 2 month old plant (white widow). They were in a small closet and I increased the...
  6. P

    New person with fluorescent light question

    Hi from edmonton. I have some 80w h/o t5 ballasts. It is difficult to obtain 5' tubes for them. Any suggestions such as wiring 2 lesser wattage tubes in series of equal wattage or over driving two tubes in series at less then 80 watts? I am growing edible vegitables in a deep water hydro I built...
  7. S

    LED wattage question

    Curious to know if there is any difference between choosing a 5 watt LED vs a 3 watt LED. The 5 watt LED has 120 bulbs and the 3 watt LED has 200 bulbs. Each totaling the same wattage and pretty much the same light spectrums. I thought I heard the 3 watt LED was better. TIA spy
  8. H

    Any way to identify bulb wattage?

    New to me set up, ballast can set to super , 1000w , 750w and 600w. ( was set on 600w) 2 bulbs m/h and a hps. But I have no clue on what watts the bulbs are one has a 6 b marking on the inside .. any suggestions ?
  9. Happyjoy

    Help with my lighting options - Too much light maybe?

    hey there everyone! ive got a quetsion about lighting. my space is 2x3 feet, by 5 feet high. i currently have 1 96x3 mars hydro LED there. the drawing wattage is around 180W. (30W per sq ft) so i want to add some more wattage for floweirng. however the only other light i have on hand...
  10. J

    Lets talk seriously about LED's and end the bull that retailers are getting away with

    I've been all over the various LED retailers and many of the LED threads in these forums. Just like all of you I'm still confused and frustrated. The retailers obviously say that their approach is the best but as buyers we haven't yet really challenged them or tried to confirm or disprove their...
  11. M

    First Clowet Grow Lighting Questions

    I am about to begin my first indoor closet grow which i have researcher pretty thouroughly. I am setting up a room for the grow cycle in a 4x2 space, and the flowering cycle in two 4x2 spaces. I am planning on growing six plants at a time, but am not sure on what wattage of lights to use. My...
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