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  1. V

    400W - DWC - SCROG - Nirvana Hawaii Maui Waui

    INTRODUCTION: This is my 2nd time doing a journal as well as my first time using the dwc (deep water culture) method. I am aiming for 1gpw. Any advice and questions are welcome BASE INFORMATION: Strains: 1x Nirvana Hawaii Maui Waui (feminized) Lights: Un-cooled 400w HPS for veg...
  2. Happyjoy

    How to get seeds from a mature feminized plant?

    hi everyone. i have a question here. i tried looking around for an answer, but couldnt figure out how to search correctly. bascially, i need to know if and how to get seeds from a mature, ready to be chopped, female plant. i have a plant that came about by accident, from a hermied...