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  1. Vyktah420

    A Hi to the High

    Hi all. Just stopping by to extend a quick hi to the high. Old timer very new to this forum thing. Looking to share deets on new strains, gear and techniques. Will chime in when I know an answer to a question or have something interesting worth sharing.
  2. Mixing terps  and extract

    Mixing terps and extract

    Mixing up the wax ,sugar and terps.
  3. D

    Rosin press with custom press machine

    So ive recently went out and spent the money to try this new way of making wax. Im used to running bho in a sealed system and purging for a week straight. So i figured hell why not try and save some valuable time. Press was 160 harbor freight 3x5 plates 200 on Amazon 3x5 160 micron bags 50...
  4. D

    First time BHO questions

    So my first time making bho I read alot and decided on making my own extractor I used 2"*4' stainless steel open blaster made myself I packed with fresh bud no trim then covered both end and put in the freezer with the butane overnight next morning I took it out and put it in a dry ice/91%...
  5. beachbumcindy

    Oil, e-liquid, wax and all the different lingos

    Newbie questions here: I'm trying to understand some lingo. I have a V2 Series 7 vaporizer that works for e-liquid, wax and dry herbs. I have only used it for dry herbs. Don't know anything about wax and e-liquids or oils. One of the last purchases I made was for a "cartridge" of THC...
  6. T

    Can we talk? LOL - A big thanks to the growers

    Hello Tahlulah here, I just turned the big 5-0 this past October. I smoked my first joint at twelve and started smoking everyday in my twenties. So on my 50th birthday I spent a couple of days in Denver, getting seduced by wax' and oils. I live in TN, and have no problem finding flower, but I...
  7. JonsGrowTech

    Strong Tincture

    Hello all, Here is a simple way to ingest your medicine: Things you will need: De-carbed Wax 190 proof everclear oral syringe or glass bottle with dabber I start with .7-1 gram of de-carbed shatter. This gives me about 3 doses. Some people use bud; I personally don't think its strong...
  8. A

    Blunt / Wax User Survey

    We are seeking marijuana blunt and wax users for paid market research interviews. Users must be in a recreational or medical state (and must be medical users if in a medical state). Legal users only who regularly use tinctures and/or waxes are eligible. Payment is $50 for a 45 minute Skype...
  9. L

    Mitey Wax

    Has any one tried Mitey Wax on their plants? I was thinking of trying it. Any help would be great. I can't stand bugs on my plats. I found this sight wail I was on the net. Please let me know what you think. Cheers! Linengirl
  10. A

    Ald Amaze Waxbone Review By Vapor Review Blog

    Not a month goes by where I don’t see one new wax pen or another, and July is no exception. The folks over at Ald Amaze were kind enough to send me their pen the Waxbone for review and I gave it a run around the block. In The Box *Waxbone Pen (Battery, Atomizer, Glass Chamber, Mouthpiece)...
  11. L

    Would you dab a gram of wax?

  12. G

    Extract-Liquid Review EjMix VS VapeurExtract

    Hey All, Been here for a long time just never really posted anything. So i did a review on my down time and decided to let you all know what I found out. Vaproizers aren't a new thing on the market, it isn't guranateed as to how safe they are BUT we can usually tell by the 3rd day of...
  13. D

    Butane Free Process To Blow Wax! Where Has This Been - Opinions?

    I've been so tired of smoking wax and getting that butane cough & taste that I decided to google a way to blow wax without the butane. I came across this company called Kleen Xtract, has anyone heard of it? If so, what are your thoughts & honest opinion? I decided to order their smallest size (a...
  14. O

    Need help cleaning BHO!

    Hey guys! First 420 mag post! Lol. Well, just coming on here for a little help. I recently bought some bho off of a friend of mine's "caregiver" and the thing was still full with butane. I decided to try and purge it more by letting it purge on a glass Pyrex dish using a torch. I got it down to...
  15. F

    Eating wax?

    Hello everyone, my vape recently malfunctioned and I was wondering if anyone knew if it's possible to ingest wax? If so, any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  16. killerbud1

    Tetra Labs Pure Gold & F.O.A Extracts Test

    Check out my friend testing a huge dab of F.O.A.'s finest topped off with a glob of Tetra Labs "Pure Gold"
  17. killerbud1

    Toking 25 strain blunt + wax!

    Me and my friends partake in a 25 strains combo blunt infused with wax..... was a good time hahaha :welcome:
  18. killerbud1

    Awesome 25 strain Blunt

    Me and my friends collected 25 different strains over the course of about a month and rolled a fat blunt with it. Tossed in some wax just for fun :thumb:
  19. killerbud1

    First Time taking a Dab

    My buddies first time taking a dab :thumb:
  20. P

    Save My WAX

    Sup everyone? New here... Having problems... going through the process of making wax. i didnt purge the wax when i was supposed to. I waited too long. now im purging it but i think i waited too long. its pretty dark. defiantly not the color i want it to be. and the consistency is leading more...
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