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  1. K

    How to use Cannabis the right way?

    Hello Everyone! I wanna know how to use Cannabis right way, but I have no idea! Someone give me a advise! thanks a lot!!:420::420:
  2. AllSmiles

    AllSmiles VI - 2018 A New Year With New Gear!

    Hello 420 Friends! Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and had a Happy New Year! Starting 2018 grow early this year. Got a ton of new gear so was too excited to wait until Spring. What's new: NextLight Mega NextLight Veg8 - on the way :) Vivosun 2' x 4' x 5' tent for veg (on the way...
  3. R

    My first grow indoors

    2x600W HPS dual 'naked' Any questions or comments always welcomed with a smile Day 36 just turned them into flowering 12/12 A few problems on the way. I have three little ones I am just about to re pot Panama Bangi Haze Pineapple Chunk Thank you.
  4. R

    Broken cola

    My plant has recently out grown her box so I made her a new one considerably larger well she has outgrown that I went to bend the main stem a little to train her to grow the other way and snapped the top cola it didn't snap all the way off and when I sat it back up straight it still stood on its...
  5. T

    THC vape oil

    hi i use cannabis for pain relief i have had heart bypass and have many ailments for which cannabis helps but smoking it is killing me.vaping seems the way forward can anyone tell me an idiot proof way of making thc vape oil we have cbd oil in the uk but it doesnt seem to work so please can...
  6. Q

    My baby is dying! Please help!

    i cannot identify what is going on! ive had several issues throught the grow, first really high ph water, then way too much nitrogen, now this! please someone help me diagnose this poor baby!
  7. Ron Strider

    Marijuana Legalization 2017: States And Cities Where Weed Won This November

    Marijuana remains illegal at a federal level, is classified as a Schedule I drug, and is still seen as a "life-wrecking" substance by the country's attorney general. But cannabis advocates made enormous strides in elections across the country this week. By Wednesday, it became clear that, just...
  8. E

    Grow room help!

    Hello! I’m looking to purchase a Complete grow room set up.. any recommendations? It can’t be any bigger then 1.2 x 1.2 x 2m. I’ve been looking around and some of the reviews are awful.. excited to get going but don’t want to buy crap! Was going to go with this but it’s now out of stock...
  9. G

    I'm new

    Yes so I'm taking it slow and not rushing. But can someone tell me how to do pics of my plant. Easy way please lol.
  10. Troy01

    Potent Canna-Sugar Pills

    Objective - Create a potent portable dosing capsule. I've been playing around with making Canna-Pills. As a background, I mostly produce Alcohol Tincture and am trying to find a way to dose while traveling in a stealth way. I also wanted a concentrated dose in a "0" or "1" gelatin...
  11. H

    Need some serious help

    Please help me make these beautiful blueberrys turn out the way they should
  12. I

    advice needed for storing bud

    I want to store my bud for a few months,what do people suggest is the best way,the bud is for medication and not getting high,and should i dry it out first ?
  13. K

    Dark Angel stunted and wrinkled

    My dark angel plant is in week 3 in a 5 gallon DWC bubbler bucket. The growth has slowed way down and it seems stunted. The leaves are wrinkled and there are discoloration on them. White or light Brownish patches. Compared to my other plants this one is way way behind. PH is 6.0 temp is between...
  14. TheDarkTriad


    Heh, So i was curious what you guys think the most efficient way to use all available grow space in a 3x3 tent.:Namaste:
  15. 28 Grams

    What would the cheapest way to have a one plant DWC set up?

    I have a 36x20" tent and for my next grow I wanted to try out DWC. I'll have another plant in a normal soil pot. What's the cheapest way to do this? To me it looks like I just need a black plastic container, drill out the lid to fit a mesh cup, and an air pump.
  16. W

    First time mainlining and I need help already

    I have 3 NL's and 2 Great White Shark's that I decided to try mainlining.Cut the stem last week and topped down to the third node on both sides.Now I'm supposed to wait for 4 nodes to grow out but I only see 2.I have pictures but I'm working on how to go about posting them. Now the way I...
  17. Ron Strider

    CA: Hundreds Flock To Redding's Hemp And Cannabis Fair

    For vendors selling marijuana-related products at this weekend's Hemp and Cannabis Fair, the event wasn't just a way to dispel myths about pot and associated products, it was a way to make a sale, too. Hundreds of people went to the Holiday Inn on Saturday to attend the fair, which was held...
  18. SwAggNiFiCeNt

    1st time grower with some questions

    hey everyone, im brand spanking new to the growing arena. just wanted as much feedback as possible before i got going so any help would be greatly appreciated. 2x2.5x 6'11 gorilla grow tent 220W california light works solarflare full spectrum led 2 Hurricane inline fans (both 4") timers...
  19. B

    I got to do this and I'm looking for the least painful way

    My hydroponic AK-48 grew taller than expected for it s container and I'd now 6-8 inches from its LED, it's currently in its predlower stretch and then re no way to move it. I'm afraid I don't have enough room to do anything and think I need to prune it back, The question is can I am is it even...
  20. R


    Trying to find the best way to clean my system out for this job
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