1. K

    Weak leaves & stems - Pictures

    Hi all, can you please help me out and advise, why these plants looks weak? Few leaves are just hanging down. I also removed few yellow leaves from the bottom end. Plant is 100% indica (critical cush), seeded 1st week of April. From seed till now in plagrons grow mix soil and airpots...
  2. T

    I can't find a weak enough fan for my microgrow!

    Hi, I'm going to be growing in a box of about 4 cubic feet, I have got the smallest filter I could find (Prima Klima K2600FLAT) but I'm a bit unsure about what fan to use; going by the rule of thumb I read about exchanging the air once every three minutes, this would require a fan of just...
  3. Gandolf The Great

    Somehow another seed is sprouting in my pot? Can we save it?

    So I guess I must of accidently dropped a seed in the same soil of a plant i'm already growing. The soil is MG: Moisture Control. And other growing in my jiffy pellet. It's in my journal if you want to see. But the problem is it is coming up right next to the one already growing. And it looks...
  4. Curly Beaver

    pH Up Seems Weak

    I am using General Hydrophonics pH UP & DOWN. The DOWN seems to be much more concentrated that the UP which seems to take about 10 times a much (to move a gallon of water 0.1%) Has anyone else experienced this, or did I just get a weak bottle? Are there any household items that I could try to...
  5. WestBlunts

    Blue Dream from seed - Feedback is the best

    Hello, I'm from the big bad Southern Cali & I'm a first time grower. I know the building blocks of growing but all feedback is welcome. I'm growing outdoor & this is my info: 24 day old (From Seed) 2 gal pot Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil Water hose water My baby girl seems a bit small for her...
  6. jaxxx

    Hi Guys! Could use some growing tips, check out my plant (pictures included)

    Hi there guys! Basically, i picked some seeds out of some pretty crappy weed i had the unfortune of purchasing and thought i'd bung 'em in the dirt and see what happened. i germinated them, then stuck them in some soil, (i got 3 flants in one pot which i have been told is not a good idea as...
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