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    Sour disel
  2. CannaPot

    GageGreenGenetics - On Auction At MyCananpot - Floruit, Lucid Bold And More

    :Namaste: Hi! We have just received a few new packs by breeder Gage Green that you can find at our auction-area at myCannapot. These regular cannabisseeds are worth a bid for sure, as we know they are rare - you can check all auctions here: MyCannapot :: Cannabis Strain auctions And...
  3. S

    How should i light my plants?

    So, where i live, energy is a wapping .79 per kWh... so how would you suggest i give my plants the light they need? i'll be growing 2-3 white widow plants, and wish the get the biggest yeild (obviously :P) and i'm just curios on how you guys think i should run it, i was thinking of using 400...
  4. S

    Critical Kush Barney's Farm 15day [firstgrow] small plant

    Hello everyone, I've posted photos of my cultivation of Critical Kush (15day old), at the same time I have cultivated other two plants but grow much more slowly, I wanted to know what you think and if there is any problem. thanks First plant 15day : Second plant 15day : ( this...
  5. I

    New Grower - New Grow

    Hey guys, i am a new OUTDOOR grower so please give me some tips and heads up along the way, anyway my last plant was a Lebanise Strain (Not sure of the excat name). It seemed to be growing really well. It took something like 6 days to gremanate though :/- But all was well, i woke up one...
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