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  1. Og kush dinafem

    Og kush dinafem

    Og kush from dinafem seeds a Bud from my Last Grow recently harvested looks incredible !
  2. Smokes1913

    Smoke1913's 2021 CA Outdoor Animal Mintz Grow Journal

    Smokes1913s Southern Ca outdoor grow ,( strain): gdp ,frisco og , animal mints , (seed germination): wet paper towel in ziplock bag placed in dark 7 days , (soil) : first few weeks miracle grow then switch to foxfarm ocean forest soil , (veg cycle): in progress also a few seedlings otw...
  3. wickrdiazo420

    Medical Marijuana Farmer

    Why is Cannabis still considered illegal in so many parts of Australia and the world at large even with the everyday scientific proofs of it's benefits to us ?. Why do we keep criminalizing cannabis by behaving like its a drug even though we know all substances on this planet are drugs...
  4. 823BBA56-A075-4E45-A545-345EBDA7B442.jpeg


    Sour disel
  5. CannaPot

    GageGreenGenetics - On Auction At MyCananpot - Floruit, Lucid Bold And More

    :Namaste: Hi! We have just received a few new packs by breeder Gage Green that you can find at our auction-area at myCannapot. These regular cannabisseeds are worth a bid for sure, as we know they are rare - you can check all auctions here: MyCannapot :: Cannabis Strain auctions And...
  6. S

    How should i light my plants?

    So, where i live, energy is a wapping .79 per kWh... so how would you suggest i give my plants the light they need? i'll be growing 2-3 white widow plants, and wish the get the biggest yeild (obviously :P) and i'm just curios on how you guys think i should run it, i was thinking of using 400...
  7. S

    Critical Kush Barney's Farm 15day [firstgrow] small plant

    Hello everyone, I've posted photos of my cultivation of Critical Kush (15day old), at the same time I have cultivated other two plants but grow much more slowly, I wanted to know what you think and if there is any problem. thanks First plant 15day : Second plant 15day : ( this...
  8. I

    New Grower - New Grow

    Hey guys, i am a new OUTDOOR grower so please give me some tips and heads up along the way, anyway my last plant was a Lebanise Strain (Not sure of the excat name). It seemed to be growing really well. It took something like 6 days to gremanate though :/- But all was well, i woke up one...
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