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    Am a SpaceNaut

    y0 420World. My name is Tadej. Hard to pronounce, people than call me today, tommorow anyway Ted is much easier for u, u know like that Ted Bear stoner movie. :) Yeah i like weed aswell. Nah i love it. So for start to Introduce myself here are 2 videos how did i made cannabutter and than some...
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    Cannabutter and SpaceMuffins - Cupcakes

    Hi 420! This is viddo how did i made cannabutter and than some really good cupcakes. Hope u like it. Video 1: How to make Cannabutter Awesome Cannabutter - YouTube Video 2: How to make CannabisCupcakes SpaceMuffins CannabisCupcakes - YouTube
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    Marijuana Edibles Industry: Its Challenges & Future

    Ever since pot became legalized in Colorado and the other decriminalized states, cannabis-infused edibles have had a growing presence in the marijuana marketplace. Nearly 5 million marijuana edibles were sold in Colorado in 2014 alone, and culinary connoisseurs came out with everything from...
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