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  1. G

    Avoid helicopter detection

    Hi I'v a guerrilia pot grower (growing out int the wild) and I was wondering if there are ways to avoid helicopter detection ? Cheers ;)
  2. C

    My weed stem adventure!

    Hey so I have been doing a lot of research lately about how my Mary Jane stems can be put to use. I could have cooked them into some butter, which would obviously work, but that would take a while and require some baking, so I decided to make tea out of the stems. THC has extremely low...
  3. SparklePixie

    Canadian Ganja Girl

    Here to introduce myself - Hi- I'm Cassia Sparkle ( I'm an alternative model) I'm a pothead/grower from Canada Toronto,- Just joined- found this website because I always browse around the net for marijuana oriented websites especially when they are fun informative threads and communities filled...
  4. C

    Smelling issues.

    hey guys. im a first time grower. but i need to figure out how to get the smell down. sooooo. what r some ideas? THX:yummy:
  5. V

    First time grower's 2cd wk flower,advice?

    So this is the first time i've grown indoors and im curious as to how they are progressing. They started from seeds we got from some random ass dude we know from work, for dirt ass cheap, but they looked mature and were beautifully striped.So i cracked and planted 'em in a few small rockwool...
  6. LostMarley

    New guy on Campus

    High family! I'm just introducing myself as a cool weed smoker. I'm in the process of trying to grow mary j for the first time and am open to any suggestions. Other than that i'm here to rub elbows with fellow smokers, been smoking 6 years strong, its kinda in the family lol. Hit me...
  7. R

    I need some questions answerd for my first grow.

    hello everyone i am thinking about growing my first plant and i have a few questions to ask. 1. Will aquaglobes work on pot plants. i ask this because i will only be able to check my plant (if i do grow) 5/13 days 2. Should i even grow because i can't check it every day? 3. Are...
  8. R

    Important Question

    Is there such thing as a licensed Marijuana grower in California, who supplies the dispensaries, because i am very interested in it. Also would a degree in botany be helpful for getting this license if there is one???
  9. jme_j

    Cleveland NORML

    Cleveland Chapter of North Ohio NORML PO Box 670 Gates Mills OH 44040-0670 Website: Cleveland NORML Email: greenheadynug-clevelandnorml@yahoo.com Just a new sub-chapter of North Ohio NORML out of Lodi OH. we help out with our Annual Cleveland Marijuana March, we celebrate 4/20 and many...
  10. W

    How should i position my lights?

    I have my topsy turvy and i dont know how i should position the light indoors so any comments regarding would be greatly appreciated thank you!:thankyou:
  11. W

    Topsy-Turvy and my Buddy if you get it!

    Theres been alot of talk about if Topsy-Turvy would work well with marijuana or even at all. Well Im here to answer that question. The answer so far is yes and its looking healthier than any of my right side ones ive had in the past. So If you have any comments please feel free to tell me your...
  12. L

    Marijuana Jerky

    I have made a number of things with marijuana but something I've never tried was making weed jerky. Does anyone have any suggestions, or perhaps just telling me I'm stupid?
  13. I

    My grow box

    Alright so in a couple weeks im going to build my grow box and im just looking for some advice. Alright so the set up im looking to build is im going to make a large box 45 inches in height 48 inches in length and 22 inches depth made out of playwood,in the box im going to split it in two one...
  14. P

    Is this going to be urine or follicle test?

    Hi, everybody. I've been a lurker on this site for a while. I'm female, 5'2, 110 pounds, last times I smoked were heavily during week of Thanksgiving vacation, and then heavily during the 2 weeks surround Christmas and New Year's of 2008. Literally, the last time I smoked was on New Year's...
  15. J

    Weed Weight Dose Not Seem To Be Working.

    Well I Picked up for the first time from a person what was supposed to be 5 Grams, We all know normally the price ranges from 10-20 Dependent on a lot of things with the bud. Well i picked it up, My other person who was reliable, has seemed to have vanished, **That was just a side note** Anyway...
  16. I

    How much should you pay for weed brownies?

    I don't want to make it i wanna try it though how much should it usually cost? I know it varies but what's normal?
  17. J

    Blunt or Joint.

    What's Your Fav.
  18. S

    Some pictures, weed, oil...

    I just randomly found these on the internet... ;) Tight Green Bud 99% Isopropyl Honey Oil Black Oil Hemp
  19. skitzle

    need advice on old weed.

    hey everyone. this is my first post with my new acc. my old one was smokeymcfly. anyhow, i've got a little more than a q of some really moist blueberry that has gotten old. The problem isn't that the weed has dried out, but since it was so moist it's started growing mold. I know i can't...
  20. jaxxx

    Hi Guys! Could use some growing tips, check out my plant (pictures included)

    Hi there guys! Basically, i picked some seeds out of some pretty crappy weed i had the unfortune of purchasing and thought i'd bung 'em in the dirt and see what happened. i germinated them, then stuck them in some soil, (i got 3 flants in one pot which i have been told is not a good idea as...
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