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    Black Friday - Bonusseeds - free cannabisseeds - Cannapot - Hanfsamen - Marijuana
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    420 april 2019 - 20% discount on nearly every cannabisseeds
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    reduced cannabisseeds in spring 2019 at cannapot - nice stuff - lot of bargains, feminized seeds, regular seeds & automatic seeds
  4. CannaPot

    Cannapot Spring Special - Get 11% Discount Off Everything - 1st Feb Till 31st March

    :Namaste: Hi there! From 1st Feb till 31st March 2018 you get 11% discount off everything we offer at our cannabisseeds-shop @ Hanfsamen & Cannabissamen online bestellen im Hanfshop You do need any discount-code, every strain is reduced ... 11% :) We also have many new strains at our...
  5. CannaPot

    X-Mas Special Cannapot Hempshop - 13% Off Every Order - 6th Till 19th December 2017

    :Namaste: We have the last special for 2017 running from 6th till 19th December - for every product (except already reduced weedseeds) you will get 13% DISCOUNT ... there is no need to use a code or anything - just order :) Just click on here to visit our Weedseeds Onlineshop: Hanfsamen &...
  6. CannaPot

    Black Friday - Cannapot Offers 25% Discount On 24th & 25th November

    :Namaste: Hiho! Visit our shop on 24th NOVEMBER for the BlackFriday special-discount here: Hanfsamen & Cannabissamen online bestellen im Hanfshop We expand the BlackFriday till saturday 25th November 00.00 o clock CET (central european time) that also customers from overseas...
  7. CannaPot

    Cannapot - Michka By Sensi Seeds & Dankonomic Genetics Available

    :Namaste: Hi there! We just have received the latest delivery by Sensi Seeds and now we also have that latest mostly Sativa-strain called Michka® on stock. Michka is an amazing new strain by netherlands famous breeder - it is named after french cannabislady Michka Seeliger-Chatelain who...
  8. CannaPot

    Cannapot Hempshop - 15% Off All Products - Including All Specials As Well

    :cheer2: We have a special-deal running for all users here at the 420MAGAZINE ... for every order you will get 15% DISCOUNT, this discount also works for already reduced products that you can find here: Great weedseeds reduced here - all specials at Cannapot At the moment there are...
  9. CannaPot

    Cannapot - Holy Smoke Seeds - Nice Reduction Of Most Cannabisseeds

    Hi :Namaste: We are just running a realy interesting special at our shop - we have reduced most of the seeds by Holy Smoke and we think this is not bad :) Here you can check out the whole productlist of the cannabisseeds we have for sale, we offer regular and feminized cannabisseeds by Holy...
  10. CannaPot

    Blueberry F2 On Stock At Cannapot

    :Namaste: Hi! We have a nice Blueberry created by ApeOrigin, directly from the original seeds of DJ Shorts Blueberry: Blueberry F2 [ApeOrigin] : buy cannabisseeds - Cannapot It is a mostly and very stable Indica offering a superb smell and very nice colours at the end... Hope you enjoy :D...
  11. CannaPot

    Norstar Genetics - Regular Cannabisseeds Now At Cannapot

    Hiho! :Namaste: We now have another seedbank with great regular cannabisseeds now at our small online Hempshop - we have a very nice stock of seeds by californian breeder called NORSTAR GENETICS, they have a great quality and realy interesting crosses, you can find the whole productranger here...
  12. CannaPot

    10% Discount Until 30 September At Cannapot.com - Bitcoins - Mastercard - Visa - GG#4

    Hi there Till 30t September we have a discount of 10% for every user at the 420 Magazine - just use the code "10EXP420GEN3009" when you are going to check out at our shop: Cannapot - order cannabisseeds and buy marijuana seeds online And we have so many new interesting strains now, here are...
  13. CannaPot

    New Philosopher Seeds - Bitcoin & Mastercard / Visa Update Payment System

    Hi there :Namaste: We have new cannabisseeds by breeder Philosopher Seeds - we now offer the MixPacks here: Philosopher Seeds MixPack : buy cannabisseeds - Cannapot We also can provide you with the big packs with 25 feminized weedseeds by Philosopher: Philosopher Seeds 25 fem ...
  14. CannaPot

    Jenny Kush - Rare Dankness - & Karma OG Jack Feminized - KarmaSeeds - Available Now

    :Namaste: Hi! We have two new strains at our onlineshop - two real wonderful strains you will love for sure :bravo: 1.) Jenny Kush regular by RareDankness @ Jenny Kush [Rare Dankness] : buy cannabisseeds - Cannapot A wonderful cross of Amnesia Haze and Rare Dankness #2 ... incredible...
  15. CannaPot

    Dready Cannabisseeds Now At Cannapot Hanfshop

    Hi there :welcome: Just wanted to let you know that we now offer 4 different strains of 'Dready Seeds' - here you can find all products we have on stock at the moment: Dready Cannabisseeds - great breeder with massive quality 1.) Blue Bubbleberry fem 5 @ Blue BubbleBerry 5 fem...
  16. CannaPot

    GageGreenGroup At The Auction-Area At The Cannapot Hempshop

    Hi there :) Just wanted to let you know that we have a few very nice strains by the GAGE GREEN GROUP now available at our auction area --- these seeds are very limited and rare as hell at the moment... You can find different cannabisstrains like Amethyst, Blast, Cornerstone, Mendo Breath...
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