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week 1

  1. Black Cali Grapes

    Black Cali Grapes

  2. Green Gelato

    Green Gelato

  3. Indoor tent full

    Indoor tent full

    Holy punch and sweet zombie week 1 flower
  4. Latitude17

    General consensus on when Week 1 actually starts?

    In my quest for "doing it right" to know when to start my nutrient feeding properly, I am reading a lot of posts and this is fairly inconsistent. The best explanation I have found so far is: So basically when your sproutling looks like this? Or wait until the cotelydons have fallen...
  5. A

    Day 9 - Little to no growth

    So here's the deal, i made the mistake of planting in Compost after germinating.. After the first set of true leaves grew, the second seemed to struggle. One day I woke up to see the first set reaching for the sky in a V shape, slight discolouration followed .. it\'s been 4-5 days and it\'s...
  6. Z

    First Grow - Bag Seed - CFL - Closet - Lots Of Pics

    What Strain is it? BAGSEED Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? UNKNOWN How Many Plants? FIVE Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? VEGATATIVE If in Vegetative Stage... How Long? 11 DAYS If in Flowering Stage... How Long? 0 Indoor or Outdoor? INDOOR Soil or Hydro? SOILD If Soil...
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