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week 3

  1. S

    Week 3 Auto: how long till the nodes grow?

    Having done LST does it look ok for week 3? How long till those lower nodes grow out a bit because they seem very condensed down The wholes are caused by LST wire so ignore those
  2. S

    First grow: Into flower! Check it out!

    Just wanted to post some pics of my first grow! Day 17 since switching to 12/12 Just wanted to see what your thoughts are? Do they look about where they should be for the start of week 3? It’s a jungle in there, I’ve done quite a bit of defoliation. They were in veg for almost 3 months so they...
  3. K

    Week 3 of NYC desiel.. Please help.. need to know if I am in good shape

    Hey everyone, I am a first time indoor grower. I am growing one plant, it is Barneys Farm NYC Diesel, Indica AutoFlower. I am using a Mars Hydro 150W LED reflector with a couple CFLs, the LED is exactly 2 feet from the top of the plant. I am using a 2x2x4 tent. She just hit the 3 week mark...
  4. MarysGarden

    CFL Indoor soil week 3 Flower - first attempt

    This is my first attempt. Indoor soil. CFLs. The lights reflecting off the plants make them look a little yellow/faded but they are in fact healthy green. Any advice or thoughts on my First grow? I'm 3 weeks into flower cycle
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