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week 6

  1. Beauty in the bush

    Beauty in the bush

    Purple Lemonade auto week 6
  2. 6BDB9122-0826-436D-B976-5E4CEC6C192D.jpeg


    Thc bomb shot week 6 flower
  3. Canuk Cookies

    Canuk Cookies

    Canuk Cookies
  4. 20180610_164223.jpg


  5. 20180608_070400.jpg


  6. IMG_20180610_120311_240.jpg


    Week 6 Blue Gorilla
  7. IMG_2940.jpg


    OG Kush Week 6, Day 2
  8. IMG_2928.JPG


    OG Kush Week 6, Day 1
  9. Start of Week 6 (2).jpg

    Start of Week 6 (2).jpg

    Start of Week 6 OG Kush
  10. R

    week 6 veg, first sign of preflowers, how am I looking?

    I am seeing the first sign of preflowers I was hoping to let them veg till the end of this month then take some clones. Any advice? How do u think I'm coming along?
  11. M

    Is it too late for epsom salts?

    High all, I'm new to this forum but not too new to growing. I've got 5 jillybeans just about to go into week 6 flower and they have got magnesium deficiency on 2 of them which isn't allowing the phosphorus intake and getting red spots on leaves! I'm feending them hesi products for coco...
  12. Konvict

    Week 6

    Hey guys, i got some plants going and i wanted to know when i should prune the tops of them... i have a very limited height space so i need them to be super bushy, and i dont really have time or funds to make a SCroG set up... they are currently beginning week 6 and have gone through the first...
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