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week 7

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    CFL only: Lemon Pie, few days before harvest

    I’m so proud of this plant. My first indoor growth and im happy with the effects. Some info. Veg: ~6w Flower: 7w Medium: soil Nutrients: 3-6-3 birds guano Lights: cfl 250w duo + cfl 85w Light cycle: 18/6 - 12/12 Grown from seed Training: 2x suppercrop, FIM, LST. Let me know what you think...
  2. Canuk Cookies

    Canuk Cookies

    Canuk Cookies
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    Look what I made - What do you think? Week 7

    What a nice grow . These girls gave me no headaches everything went perfect from when i cloned them till today.Started flush trichomes still clear buds still swelling should be good to harvest in about 10 days.Increased the cold at dark to about 7-10c / 45-50F and got the purple in about 3...
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