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    Herbies Black Friday Weekend 2017

    Herbies Black Friday Weekend USE PROMOCODE BLACKFRIDAY15 AT CHECKOUT Herbies are offering 15% off everything today (Friday) until end of play Monday. No minimum order value. We have also added hundreds of seeds to our clearance page discounting them by up to 20% which means if you use...
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    Gorilla - 30% Off Advanced Female Seeds This Weekend

    30% off Advanced Female Seeds - click the name to see what they have to offer. This weekend only - no coupon code needed. Sherry
  3. PabloE

    How long do dabs stay in your system? Please help!

    Hello, So I smoke dabs every weekend( just on the weekend though, not daily) , I've been doing it for months already, unfortunately for me the oil company I work for just got bought by a much bigger company. I am already hearing about the background and drug policy is coming soon but idk how...
  4. T

    Went away for weekend and this happened?

    Hey guys, my plant is going to be harvested in the next few days. Went away for the weekend and gave it water with no nutrients to try and flush it. I came back after two light cycles and this is what I saw :/ Has anyone got an idea what's wrong?
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    Come Get Some Freebies @ Bonza

    FREE cannabis seeds - See the latest Bonza Seedbank promotions here Have a great weekend everyone!
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    Weekend Sale @ Bonza Seed Bank!