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weird growth

  1. Baked Alaska Pic 8

    Baked Alaska Pic 8

    Weird Growth
  2. Baked Alaska Pic 7

    Baked Alaska Pic 7

    Weird Growth
  3. Baked Alaska Pic 5

    Baked Alaska Pic 5

    Weird Growth
  4. Baked Alaska Pic 4

    Baked Alaska Pic 4

    Weird Growth
  5. Baked Alaska Pic 3

    Baked Alaska Pic 3

    Weird Growth
  6. Baked Alaska Pic 2

    Baked Alaska Pic 2

    Weird Growth
  7. Baked Alaska Pic 1

    Baked Alaska Pic 1

    Weird Growth
  8. I

    Bag Seed Grow - Science!

    Long story short: -Bought a dime of good smoke, and sprouted 3 seeds. -Plants grew to 3 inches, looked like weed - two months. -The started to wither and the 1/2in leaves started to yellow until I hit them with some Fertilizer water I had left over from my diesel watering. Only...
  9. S

    New Grower With Weird Looking Plant

    Can someone take a look at this picture of my plant and let me know whats going on with all theses balls? It's on about 15 days old and looks nothing like the rest of my plants. It came as a free seed from Amsterdamseedco Thanks in advance!
  10. D

    Deformed First True Leaves

    It's been about a week, and so far these alien antennae leaves are all that have appeared. It looks like the first serrated leaves tried to form but compacted themselves into strange deformed lumps. Has anyone ever seen this before? Will it survive and eventually produce normal leaves? Any help...
  11. H

    HeavyChevy59 - First Grow - Mars II 400W - Happy Frog/Ideal 420 Soil - 2015

    What's up everybody thanks for checking out my first grow journal, this is also my very first grow so I definitely need a lot of help. My temps have been up & down and so has my humidity, plus I think my 3 plants may have powdery mildew and one of them has some really weird growth going on, I'll...
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