1. L

    Seedling with weird looking leaves

    It looks like something took a bite out of it lol, really thin too. Does somebody know what this is? Possibly a mutation? Compared to other seedlings it looks very abnormal to me. This is my first grow so Im sorry if this is a dumb question... this is day 5 btw
  2. M

    Someone please help!

    I have a GSC plant that I've been growing for about a month now. It seems to be growing VERY slow and has some weird shit on the leaves. Any help or advice would be amazing!!
  3. juz420

    Single bladed leaves after flip - Skunk Star

    G'day 420'ers, After Flipping my Skunk star I've started getting single bladed leaves & 3 bladed leaves more so from the lower branches. (I lay my plants over when in the flowering cupboard due to height restriction), they are under 3 x Mars Hydro Epistar 160's and in coco. This has happened...
  4. B

    Weird seedling growth

    Im just confused and concerened!
  5. J

    Weird seedling - Dried leaf tip

    Hello, i just started my first grow with 2 autos from mephisto (the famous AlienvsTriangle). One of the seedling developped a whitish dried part at the end of one of the cotyledon leaves. It fell off after some days. Now the seedling looks really weird. Any of you experienced guys can...
  6. C

    Apollo 75 watt CFL's glow in the dark.

    Yep it's official. Both of my Apollo 75 watt cfl's glow after lights off. Even a few hours later. I mean glowing bright enough where you can see your hand. I was unscrewing them and putting them in the closet, then one night I forgot. I just don't use them anymore. My Apollo 250 watt CFL's...
  7. Y

    Any thought on unknown origin weird plant

    Hey guys. How long till harvest do you think? Any thoughts on plants genetics, Sativa or indica? And why is the small one weird like extremely short? It had been defoliated lately because they were so close together and no light for them. they both have been in the same grow place from the...
  8. D

    Does this look weird?

    this is northern lights
  9. R

    What's wrong with my plant?

    Hi I'm in week 3 of flower (northern lights) my plant looked fine until recently, as you can see the leaves are curled and weird spots have appeared. Any help would be much appreciated.
  10. E

    Help please - Weird spots growing

    First of all, sorry for my poor english! Strain: Strawberry Cough Light: 400 sodium 18/6 Water: I give her water every 5 days, the 03/04 i gave her a little bit of vegetative stimulator and mycorrhizae and the 08/04 also a little bit of vegetative stimulator (it was looking pale but i think now...
  11. E

    First grow - Weird plant - Need advice on yellowing

    This is my first ) and my lady has been flowering since january 20th. and ive took cuttings thats why she looks so weird...but she is flowering but whats up with the yellowing ...feeding her big bloom ,epson salt and malasses help plz
  12. A

    Soil to hydro - Shock

    Hello, Here I am again with some more questions. WE went soil to hydro and these 4 are the weird ones. What do you guys think has happened when the rest came out of the shock? Heres the others that has mostly recouped from the shock We are running 1000 watts and...
  13. steppedinds

    Weird Mutation

    noticed this weird little leaf popping out
  14. 302LX

    Leaves are curling down on tips but the leaves arent dark green.

    As the title states, leaves are curling down on tips but the leaves arent dark green. The plant early on has some problems with magnesium DEF but that is fine now. The plant is growing like crazy. tons of new leaves and so forth. Starting to smell like weed too ;) it is in soil, havent started...
  15. ThcSnow

    What Is This Satan's Vortex?

    So I'm lookin around for mites which found none thank you god! But I seen this in the main stem of the leaf blade. It looks like a rainbow around the moon when it's foggy outside any clue wtf this is? Kinda hard to see in the pics but wondering if anyone know wtf this is!!
  16. W

    What's This?!

    What heck is going on with these? My leaves! My sexual leaves. One of them has got a hole in it, some of them are twisted at the ends and curling and sh!t, and some of them have got little white specks on them. Could someone shed some light. They are in pots in my garden and get enough sun...
  17. Oful33

    What is this?

    Hello. I'm new to growing and also to this forum, so I would like to apologise if it's wrong section to post posts like this, but it's the closest I have found. First of all, this is my first growth and I DON'T KNOW what strain is this and where the seeds came from. I have been growing this one...
  18. M

    Clones with weird leaves

    Hi, I started some clones off a plant that was already budding, and they took, but several of them have leaves that have no jaggedy edges - they have smooth edges. they are only 2 weeks old, but doing well. anyone know anything about this? I dont know the name of the strain tho.
  19. Kushe

    Wierd Slump

    hi, i planted a new seedling outside about 2 weeks ago (they will be put inside in the winter) and yesterday it was standing tall, but today when i checked it it was in a wierd slump where about 1/2 inch of stem under the leaves is going straight up, then about 3 to 4 inches of the stem are...
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