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  1. H


    Hi all :welcome::welcome: Long time grower,smoker from South Africa. New to this forum, heard its a good one. Hope to be able to share with everyone. And learn from the users here.. Planting season is upon us in the Southern hemisphere, exciting times ahead. Awe
  2. S

    Hi I'm Sherlock

    Hi stoners !!!! :Namaste: I'm a 17 yo french web developer and Linux system administrator :goodjob: I tried to grow 2 plants this summer but unfortunaly they're dead (my mom cur the roots trying to replant them ... :yikes:) Now I'm building a 200x200x160cm box to grow auto flowering...
  3. cbgb

    Female - Regular seed photos

    hope this helps my 420 friends and newbees !!!!!! this is a female plant's white pistils.............:welcome::420::Namaste: