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well water

  1. Momma’s Kitchen

    Peyote Cookie 2018 #1

    I have 10 Peyote Cookies, I am only going to journal on 3. This is journal for Peyote Cookie #1 I will be growing indoors, metal halide bulbs, 750W, Baseboard heat, fans, air conditioner, well water, Medi One, and later Big Bud I will PPM, PH the water. So the seeds were germinated indoors, in...
  2. L

    Well water question

    I have tried growing plants a few times but every time they end up short with very little bud. Could my well water be to blame? We have a high concentration of sulphur in our water.
  3. L

    Well Water

    I am using well water to feed my plants. Is there anything I need to be concerned with regarding my well water?
  4. Happy Jack

    250PPM Alkaline Well Water - Deal with it how? Or get RO?

    Hello Fellow Growers, I'm a DWC newb, with healthy month-old plants in totes. I've been using my 250PPM well water with the GH Flora trio, hard water micro formula. The water level in the totes is high for initial root growth (12 gallons/tote), and pH initially tested somewhere between 7...
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