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  1. F

    Timer won't start 400W HPS

    Hi, today I came home and my timer thats set on a 18/6 schedule didnt start. So ... wtf must I do for it to work?!?!? I'm using a 400w HPS with a 400w ballast. Here are the stats of the timer : 125V ac. 60Hz 15A resistive 1000W tungsten 5A Ballast please help!
  2. B

    Cannabutter dosing

    I made some butter using 3/4 lb of butter and 3.5 gr of decarb high grade kief ,used slow cooker and let cook for 8hr. temp never went above 215 degrees. my ? is about how much would be a dose.(like if I put it on toast)
  3. cannanewb

    2nd Outdoor Grow In Eastern Canada

    Seeds went into water 1:00 pm Friday April 14th. 1 Vision Seeds Chocoloco Feminized, 2 Barney's Farm Tangerine Dream Feminized, 2 G13 Labs Pineapple Express Feminized, 3 Dutch Passion Seeds Blueberry Feminized, 1 GreenHouse Seed Co. Arjan's Strawberry Haze Feminized, 1 Elemental Seeds Honey...
  4. P

    Germinated and went straight to flower?

    The seed was supposed to be World of Seeds - Pakistan Valley (Feminised) from the landrace collection. it's in hydro- under a Mars 300 LED running 16 on, 4 off, 0.5 on, 3.5 off; gaslighting to save electric inputs but keep Fems in Veg until I can take some clones. This one germinated...
  5. K

    Hello from Alaska

    I want to grow up and become an "Arctic Farmer". Since it is below zero 9 months of the year - I have some unique problems to over come. I have a very large phototron brand new that is about 4 years old. That company went out of business so I cannot buy their nutrients or feed...
  6. C

    New Plants - New Grower

    Hey everyone! First time grower here and wanted to check in with you all! I recently got some seeds from my dispensary out here in Socal and was interested in starting up this little hobby of greenery. I went out and got a grow tent (48" x 24" x 60") and it fits nicely in the...
  7. N

    Exodus Cheese - Kush

    Hi guys i just registered in the forum,im new to growing and foruming but im a veteran smoker, its my second grow and its almost done,first grow was not as good as i tought would be,all good on veg but when turned into flowering shit went berserk.. underwatering showen to be much more...
  8. L

    Is Herbies closed?

    Went to look around and it appears to be closed.
  9. Botani

    Ready or Not?

    Strain - White Widow Grow - DWC Hydro Time - 9 weeks since the lights went back to 12/12
  10. R

    Need help - I am a 1st time grower and having trouble

    hello fellow growers i am as first time grower and have a problem with my plant she is 4 weeks old and the 2 first leaves went yellow/rusty and dying off look so pulled them off and now the 2 above it has went rusty look and curling in on itself and looks really bad and i cant seem to find the...
  11. 1


    Keep getting these brown/black spots on my leaves,just took her out of hot soil a couple of days ago rinsed the root ball and put her in fresh regular organic soil. Her leaves also went from a dark green to a light green color,and she is showing signs of preflowering.
  12. T

    Went away for weekend and this happened?

    Hey guys, my plant is going to be harvested in the next few days. Went away for the weekend and gave it water with no nutrients to try and flush it. I came back after two light cycles and this is what I saw :/ Has anyone got an idea what's wrong?
  13. G

    Grammie looking for relief

    I am a Grandmother looking for relief from Restless Leg Syndrome or RLS. I have had this condition most of my life but it became unbearable when I went through menopause 16 years ago. I went to a neurologist who put me on Mirapex and after 4 years, I started hallucinating!! We tried a couple...
  14. T

    THC Loss - Early Harvest

    If you harvest while tri's are milky rather than amber, what is the THC loss? I have a Light of Jah auto that went to dirt 13 Jan and still not ready!! Sun leaves died a mo ago. Some of the bud leaves yellow as well. Tri's milky and fall foliage present.
  15. I

    What's wrong - Am I ready for harvest?

    Please y'all I was told to go another two weeks but everything went this way a few days ago
  16. I

    Femi seeds went hemi?

    I have fem seeds from a dutch producer. My two plants were fine plenty of flowers but went hemi late in the grow. I now have seeds that i did not want as i clone the plant. Are the seed good ? Are they feminized? Is this common growing from feminzed seeds?
  17. Hashassinz

    What's the best deal you got on grow equipment?

    Today was an awesome day. Went to a local agway as they were restocking shelves and got 60 rockwool cubes size 6x6 ones for freaking 35$. If i were to buy online would of cost me like 190$. Was just looking to buy like 4 but they were miss priced at the register so I went back to the shelf and...
  18. F

    Is this boron deficiency?

    Could this be boron deficiency? I thought I had dust mold a few weeks ago so I treated it with some vinegar water and took down the humidity bellow 20% I know my ph was good because it was always between 6.0 and 6.3 My humidity before the Brown spots appeared Was at 70 to 76% when I went...