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    Just One Medical Marijuana Dispensary In Western Massachusetts So Far

    Northhampton, Mass. — A year and 3 months after it opened, New England Treatment Access is still the only medical marijuana dispensary in western Massachusetts. Massachusetts voters approved medical marijuana 4 years ago. There are 8 dispensaries in eastern Massachusetts. The only one open in...
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    Hi from western WA

    Hi everyone, Experienced user since the '70's but fairly new at growing. I'm a medical user, initially back issues and muscle spasms but I also use it for stress relief and a number of other things depending on the time of day and what I'm after. I love Cinex for its focus power, stress and...
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    Hello from western Pa

    So I have finally take the plunge into growing my own I have grown before but didn't really take it seriously and didn't get much in return. .. Funny how that works lol. This time I put more effort and a little more money into it and have dedicated a room for it instead of a closet I freely...
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    First Hemp Processor Opens In Western Kentucky

    A western Kentucky business is bringing industrial hemp to market. Kentucky Hemp Works has opened a processing facility in Christian County. Owner Katie Moyer says the small, family-run business is taking hemp seed and turning it into oil that can be used in a number of products, including...
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    Western Maryland Health System To Partner With MMJ Company For Cannabis Research

    Peak Harvest Health, a company aiming to become one of the first medical marijuana growers in Maryland, will partner with Cumberland-based Western Maryland Health System on cannabis research, according to the Baltimore Business Journal. Under the partnership, the hospital will assist Peak...