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  1. G

    The stoke of the harvest!

    How's my house smell? I got a 5 foot flowering plant that I thought was an Auto in full bloom, I have 400 grams of wet bud hanging to dry, and I am brewing up 5 oz of trim in a crock pot full of cannabutter! OMG this may be the best smell in the world! Man this grow was awesome! Simple T5...
  2. A

    SOS - Wilting plant

    The PH was 7.5 ish and the water side of my gauge reads wet. Could it be that the plant is too wet. All the others are fine. I stuck my finger down in the soil and it is wet. Should I take it out of the ground and plant it in a pot and flush it out. Or just let it go a few days and wait and see...
  3. L

    Outdoor grow on prime farmland at 1800' on Mass/VT border

    Hi, Does anyone have a suggestion for soil amendments? There are some spots with fines but nonetheless seems to drain well usually. Can get wet during shoulder seasons. It is a gentle southerly slope. I'm going to prep a dozen grow sites Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
  4. Jeremyalan72

    Germinating - Popped white just a bit then nothing!

    Hey y'all just wondering if anyone knows what happened ? I germinated in a-propagator, temp is 82 humidity is 65%. 3 days in I had 3 seeds( master lush ) pop open and the white tail was ready to go , checked on em 36 hours later still in same position.i am I rockwol that is damp almost wet have...
  5. T

    The Hydro Forums

    We look to be a pretty dead group. Not much participation from the hydro folks. Are there any forums that cater to wet heads more than dirt people?
  6. DRM Ranch

    Soil drench with neem oil - Part of a nutritious bug control program

    I have some plants in veg that I try to kill as often as I have these crazy ideas to try out something wack-o. Plants are clones of OSH & SSH, in grodan rockwool cubes (Cap'n Style) at various stages of veg. Today I added;1.25ml/gal neem oil, and 2.5ml/gal Coco Wet to my normal nutrient...
  7. W

    Exteme Cold, Hot, Dry or Wet

    Watching the Outdoor threads of all sorts, I see the new forums for Cold, Hot Dry and Wet and TOO High. Well I experience all four of the issues every year. I would rather see sub forums of Growing in Woods, Growing in Farm Fields, Growing in Grass Lands, or Growing on the Patio. More insights...
  8. P

    I quick dried some bud yesterday and today it was wet again is this normal

    I qucik dried some bud in the oven yesterday and it became completely dry and today i went to smoke it and was wet again like i did not dry it at all. Is that normal ? Whats going on with my bud ?
  9. P

    Is it normal for a germinated seed's tap root to feel hard?

    my seed germinated tonight i planted it immediately when i seen the tap root the tap root must of just popped out it looked like it was doing a u turn . i accidentally touched the taproot when putting it in the soil and it kind of felt hard, is this normal ? also i planted the germinated seed in...
  10. H

    Droopy and Shrivled Northern Lights

    I'm a first time grower and my plants are growing quite fast. But they just dont seem great. They dont seem like they're dying but, not very healthy either. I grow in soil under a nice lamp in a confined space. This leaf is a bit droopy. Small yellow spots on the leaves and leaves a...
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