what can i do?

  1. S

    hydroponics beginner need help asap

    Strain Platinum buba kush ,afghani Indica, How Many Plants 2 Vegetative stage If in Vegetative Stage... How Long 3 weeks Indoor Hydro Reservoir size 5 gallon bucket If Hydro, Reservoir Temperature? Medium? Rocks from homedepot If Hydro, what type of Setup? Dwc Lights 4 t8 CFl tubes...
  2. Xtrcrazy

    Question How do I best take advantage of this attic and cabinets ?

    Hello friends . I really need our assistance . I use translation . I have written may not make much sense . I live in Turkey . I'm 10 years drinker . Very poor in turkey and herbs . Bitter, chemical -filled, head negligibly small , full of seeds . Not much quality marijuana can quite understand...
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