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  1. F

    Are these spider mites bites? Need help!

    Hi, I dont know what the fuck is going on. Are these spider mite bites??? I've looked everywhere on the web and they do not seem like it. it seems to be happening to one plant only, but there are other marks like this on the other plants. I havent found any spots or any ''mites'' under the...
  2. Empyrium

    What's wrong with my plants?

    hello everyone i have 8 plant under 600watt led. in 2 galoon plastic pot with 50.50 peat moss and perlite. first sign of issue showed up in seedling there's some yellow or brown dots in leaf and now there's progressing in veg. i took some picture please let me know what's wrong with my plants.
  3. D

    Beantown Greentown Boston Massachusetts Cannabis Club

    What's up Every one. My name is Keith I'm part of a group of growers , advocates , patients and recreatoonal smokers in the boston area. We started a club here . Just thought I'd say what's up. Noticed there was a post about the 100 foot bone we rolled this weekend ..It was a good time. Lol...
  4. G

    Help diagnosing what's making my plants decay

    Am trying to figure out what could cause my plants stems to start decaying thinking it is some sort of fungus they are in 5 gallon smart pots (soil) (happy frog) is on majority of plants all affecting almost every branch on the plant will add photos
  5. M

    MO Medical

    so whats up is the medical goin to be on the ballet 2018
  6. E

    Help me! What's going on here?

    Can anyone help me with what’s going on here? This issue just keeps getting worse, can’t seem to fix it
  7. A

    First Grow: Don't Know What's Going On!

    Hi its my first time growing indoors. Im using coco and everything was doing alright besides a little slow growth. I have 4 clones and 4 seedlings. They all have some burnt tips here and there but most of the problem is coming from the seedlings, one has a leaf tip curled down. 2 have reddish...
  8. S

    What's going on with my girls?

  9. S

    Northern Lights Auto Fem

    7 days old, seems to be curling alittle, whats the issue?
  10. N

    Need help diagnosing what's wrong with my plants?

    Can anyone help figure out whats going on with my plants? I'm 4 weeks into bud and everything seems to be doing fine(my buds are huge) but the leafs are getting spotty and burnt looking? Im doing DWC and I feed 50% less then what is advised on my nutrients chart. Am I over feeding still or...
  11. C

    What happened to Mr Tight?

    I regularly watch mr tights homegrown report and have been waiting for a new episode for over a month sadly. I just went on to check and its now showing his channel as being private. Does anyone know whats happened ive learned a lot from him so would be sad to see him go. Cheers
  12. D

    What's wrong with my plant?

    Coco coir. :D Looks like the early stages of some kind of problem. Nute burn or nutrient deficiency?
  13. Why Doe

    What's the shortest strain?

    What's the shortest strain that you know of, low ryder? Currently growing blueberry and that girl is only 2 feet 3 weeks into flowering. I have room to fit a 3rd plant under the carbon filter if she's real short.
  14. G

    1st timer soil help

    So I ordered a mixed bag of seeds...been germinating for a day now in paper towel....what's the best soil mix to start them with. Thanks
  15. S

    Someone tell me what's going on

    Okay I have 2 plants I've grown from seedlings they're about 3 feet tall but one of them is flowering the other isn't it's clear they're 2 different plants I feed and water them at the same time but the one that's not flowering is purple from root halfway up the tree but but appears to be very...
  16. R

    What's wrong with my plant?

    Hi there. Does anyone know what is wrong with my plants? I'm thinking it may be a PH inbalance or a magnesium deficiancy? Both new and old leaves have yellow sections. It looks like the viens are still green.
  17. K

    What's wrong? Help! I am worried.. :(

    What's the problem, why are the letters like this? :( I am worried...
  18. Ron Strider

    MI: Detroit Marijuana Map Website Monitors Centers

    Activist Winfred Blackmon says he continues to fight to keep illegal marijuana centers from springing up in the City of Detroit. "Detroit has an ordinance let's enforce it," he said. Blackmon says he gets numerous calls about these centers, so he was happy to learn the city has started an...
  19. B

    Couldn't identify what's wrong - Need help!

    so thats one of my plants (first grow) i have ne idea whats wrong with it ... if you please could help me identify or evenf fix the problem ill be happy thanks
  20. G

    I need help - My girl is dying

    The leaf color changes and the leaves are broken. What's the problem? help.please flowering 30days indoor soil 780w