when to flower

  1. Brnwn4

    Flowering too early?

    I have 21 plants. 6 were just transplanted from solos and 15 have been potted in 2gals for 3 weeks. I took the 6 just potted and 5 from the ones that have been potted. I plan on keeping the taken ones in veg and flowering the other 10 in a 4x4. They have roots coming out of the bottom of the...
  2. S

    When should I go 12/12?

    Greetings yall... :Namaste: So its like this. I have a limited grow space, its a growbox i made for only one plant (micro grow) and i was wondering when to go 12/12. My plant is right now about 6 inches tall, and it has been 1 month since it sprouted. I am very impatient and its because i've...
  3. S

    thinking of flowering earlier Than expected opinions

    Hi first off this is my first grow, I'm running a diy rdwc, 28 gallon reservoir, 6 5 gallon 6 inch net pot sites, 30 gallons total topped off. In a 8' × 4' × 6.5' tent. With 2 600 watt hps air cooled and Glass covered hps apollo lights. As well three center 200 watt cfl and 6 side 100 watt...
  4. G

    Are my plants ready,to flower?

    I don't know when to flower my plants, it's my first grow are they big enuff to flower or should I veg longer
  5. S

    When to flower

    hiya all im a rookie here and doing my first dwc with cfls grow, so far so good with my bag-seed baby, no real problems so far, apart from a odor problem which now has been corrected, thanks guys for all the info on that one :thanks: but now i have another question........"when should i start...
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