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  1. Jinxed

    Grand Daddy Purp, Strawberry Cake & Honey Bee, Feb 16 2018

    purpose: starting summer grow of photo period and to make clones for friends. seeds from 420 sponsor Herbies Head Shop grand daddy purple: original grand daddy purp heavy weight: strawberry cake barney's farm: honey bee temp controlled heating mat 78 deg F humidity dome root...
  2. M

    How to find a place for outdoor growing?

    What to keep in mind when I'm looking for an outdoor place to grow my ganja?
  3. ognedster

    New to LED question

    Hi all, I'm an old school farmer back in action now that my kids have moved out of the homestead. I always used HID lighting but figured I would try LED's with my training wheels grow. It's been over 10 years so I ordered some old favorites ( I like the classics ) but am just using the free...
  4. slylikeafox

    Hello from Northern BC

    i am a newbie and have a few question. My seedlings have sprouted and grew to about 2-4 inches tall and then just stopped. They are starting to grow out sideways. Is this Normal? when should i see more upward growth? I am growing in just a seedling mix with no extra nutrients when do i...
  5. O


    How much and when do I defoliate??
  6. Stunned

    Who's getting high for the Superbowl?

    And lets hear your predictions! I'm thinking Patriots in a blowout Eagles always choke when it really matters :19:
  7. R

    Stealth grow cabinet

    I have a few questions about building a stealth grow cabinet the cabinet I have in question is approximately 5 foot tall 3ft in depth I am using an advance PlatinumLED the p450 with veg and bloom switches, I have a fan and carbon filter setup but I believe my carbon filter and fan are to big I...
  8. F

    Tap water

    My tap comes in about 8 ph then I add ph down to 6. 3 and move to my other 5 gallon bucket. And proceed to do the same when I look at it he one I just ph to 6. 3 is now at 7 what's going on
  9. BTzGrow

    Do I have a problem

    I've got a indoor grow with a single plant. Using soil FoxFarm Mother Earth(new product for them, given to me as a sample). My water is 6.7pH. Recently potted from a 6" square plastic when the roots started poking out the holes, to a 5 gal Root Pouch. Typical Temp when the light is on is low...
  10. O

    Basic questions I can't find the answers to

    Hi, im a new grower and the last 2-3 months Ive started my first grow und read a lot about cannabis but some basic questions I couldnt find the answers to. 1. My tap water has a very bad cal/mag ratio 11:1 (70mg/l cal and 6mg/l mag) should I add some magnesium to get a 3:1 ratio ? AND...
  11. CannabiSteve

    Hello all

    Hello from AK everyone. Just a little about me, I'm a combat vet that stayed in AK when my service time was up in 2013. I then went straight into cultivating my own medicinal cannabis. Then when our state legalized recreational cannabis that became my new life. I left my job as a sheet metal...
  12. M

    Got big problem! First time grower

    Can I cut leaves & branches that have died due to heat stress when they're 4-5 week's into flowering
  13. T

    Auto flowering

    Im thinking about trying auto flowering strains this time but Its my first time. My question is how many plants should I aim for in a 2,4mx2,4m (6m2) with 4x600w hps. growing Sog and a coco, perlite and vercumlite mix. Since I have no control over veg and cannot flower them when right size, I...
  14. B

    Just getting started

    I just germinated and planted Northern Lights Autos. What would be the best feed for these and when should I start feeding. Thanks in advance for any and all help.
  15. K


    What should my ph be when flushing with water?
  16. F

    When you flip

    When you flip to 12-12 is this the time you start counting your flower time?
  17. C

    Harvest Time Help

    Hello I am raising four ak48. There are many worries about the timing of harvesting. Plant growth seems to be slow because of excessive LST. I planted seed on September 7, 12/12 on November 10th. Two plants have turned red hair. The other two plants still have white hair. I saw the...
  18. flytier

    Smoke Report — Snow White Auto - MJ Seeds Canada

    Ok, so I'm goingto try a smoke report now that everything has calmed down for anotheryear (hopefully). I smoke weed for my arthritis & back, and fordepression & anxiety. This is just thepreamble, and it doesn't involve the smoke, so you can skip thissection if you want; I won't hold it against...
  19. Ron Strider

    I Grow Pot In California For A Living. I'm Worried About Legalization

    As the daughter of a back-to-the-land homesteader and pot farmer, I learned never to speak of what my father did. We lived a simple life in times when only growing a few plants could sustain us. "Say I am a retired schoolteacher," he lectured. "You don't want to have to come visit your daddy...
  20. M

    1st time indoors - Just curious if I'm good

    I have a 4'x4'x76" tent. I have 2 300w fs LEDS. 1 600w hood with MH in now. HPS to put in for flowering. Im 5 weeks in. When should I switch the bulbs and start reducing timer? I got 3 white cookies and 2 Cali og.
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