1. D

    Completed Danolo's Indoor Cabinet Grow

    Well, so far I only have the desire to build and grow. I have several questions before I start building this space, so its gonna take a while for me to get this rolling. I look forward to all your input, and suggestions.
  2. K

    Connecting The Dots To A Dream Job In The Hemp Industry

    Annie Rouse has been passionate about hemp ever since she was a kid growing up in Kentucky. While she knew she wanted to help change the restrictive hemp policies in the U.S., she's also had some interesting jobs along the way that helped her out in surprising ways. As a leader in the hemp...
  3. K

    CA: New Bill Specifically Prohibits Marijuana Consumption For Drivers

    Bay Area, CA — A California State Senate bill introduced Thursday would outlaw driving while under the influence of marijuana in response to what the bill's sponsors say is a loophole in a recently passed state proposition which legalized recreational marijuana. Prop. 64, which was approved...
  4. K

    CA: No Behind-The-Wheel Toking - New Bill Bans Cannabis Use While Driving

    Newly introduced legislation seeks to ban behavior not addressed by California's new pot law: toking while driving. It's currently illegal to have an "open container" of weed in a vehicle. It's also illegal to drive while high. But there's a technical loophole in these existing laws...
  5. K

    CA: Bay Area Lawmakers Concerned About Marijuana And Driving

    Santa Clara, Calif. - Two Bay Area lawmakers say there's nothing in the newly passed Proposition 64 that says smoking pot while driving is illegal. Under Proposition 64 you can not drive with an open container of marijuana in your car. State Senator Jerry Hill of San Mateo says that's not...
  6. K

    CO: Legal Cannabis Can't Protect Users Everywhere

    Despite legalizing cannabis for both medical and recreational use in 2014, Colorado law remains complex. Possession and use of cannabis is legal for those over the age of 21, but those protections to not extend to public use, driving while in any way intoxicated, or to employers' substance...
  7. K

    Teen Marijuana Use Declining Under Legalization, Federal Data Shows

    More Americans now have access to legal recreational marijuana than ever before, but today's teens are generally staying away from using pot and drugs altogether. Despite further cannabis law reform throughout the U.S., teen marijuana use has actually dropped in certain categories, while...
  8. T

    New here

    hey guys I just found this site and decided I wanted to join I self medicate for stress and depression but I also smoke recreationally I was prescribed meds for the aforementioned statuses but they just didn't really seem to work and I did not like the side effects I've smoked on and off for a...
  9. K

    Wolf, Christie Earn Polar Opposite Grades On Marijuana 'Scorecard'

    When it comes to efforts toward legalizing marijuana, Gov. Tom Wolf scores pretty high, according to one nonprofit. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on the other hand, not so much. The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, an organization working toward legalizing the drug...
  10. I

    Greetings & Salutations

    Greetings All! Found this wonderful site (Glad I did) while researching various grow techniques. Impressed by the wealth of information on this site.:thumb: I'm a long time lover of cannabis (25 Years), and while I rarely smoke these days I've always wanted to grow. It's been on the bucket...
  11. C

    Not sure what to say

    Hi all. I am new today pretty much. I decided to try growing my own (and my husband, and my grown children). So far I have I beautiful unknown girl growing very well. I speak to her a bit all day long. I just got a couple little ones popping up :) So while this endeavor is going well enough...
  12. Alchemist420

    Finally created an account

    Been visiting the site for a while for all of the useful knowledge and beautiful images. Finally jumped in and created an account so I can start to participate in the forum. Excited to start interacting with the members who's posts I have been reading a following for a while now.
  13. F

    First grow need some advice

    So I have two crop king early miss auto they are 3 weeks into flower about just wondering the one is bulking up while the other has tons of white hairs but tiny bud spots. Also how can I post photos
  14. 4

    Completed My First Time Growing On DWC! - I'm Psyched!

    I had made a new thread earlier and for some reason, I wasn't able to edit the post. 2 Candy Kush Express (Fast Flowering), Special Queen #1, and Raspberry Cough growing as I type. I started to germinate CKE around 5/12/16 and SQ#1 the next day. RC took a while to ship, I ended up...
  15. GabeNeo

    Clear Rez from EZClone

    A while back someone posted something on using Clear Rez in your cloner. I have been using Hospital grade disinfectant called Excelite, which was really cheap at 20 bucks a gallon. Well I cannot find it anymore but at I did find a gallon of something a few bucks more on Amazon However someone...
  16. Onkruid

    Weed & Heart Attacks

    Two heart attacks occurred for me while pretty heavily stoned. One, just the other day. Not inferring that weed had anything to do with it, just that I was high a couple of times when it happened. That aside, I thought I'd share what might be considered a different experience. In that...
  17. masonman

    Completed Masonman's - Hi-Brix - Jock Horror - 2016

    My first journal! Please be patient while I figure out what I'm doing :nomo: Introducing my new baby girl... Jock Horror. She sprouted February 23rd from a feminized seed. I have her in a custom 3' X 2' X 7'-4" cabinet under a TopLed Reflector 96x3w. Daytime temperatures hold steady around...
  18. S

    Treating Anorexia

    I'm curious to know if anyone that posts on 420Magazine has an eating disorder like me. It's not something I'm particularly proud of but I figure that MMJ is a real good natural way to stimulate my appetite. I think that Indica's would stimulate my appetite while sativas tend to wind me up...
  19. steppedinds

    Auto-watering advice

    i'm going out of town in a few weeks for 9 days and am in need of a way to water my plants while i'm gone. they're going through about 4.5 gallons a day atm, so i'm expecting to give them over 30g while i'm gone. anybody have any advice or links for an easy top fed system? doesn't necessarily...
  20. C


    Hi there everyone im new to going on a web site so please have patients. I think I'm in the right place to start I have been growing for a while now I feel I have to many prob. I think it should get easier. But I'm NOT giving up. Thanks for listening to me.
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