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white hairs

  1. Red Afro

    Red Afro

  2. hazeluv69

    Are my plant ready to start my flush for harvest?

    So I’ve got 2 different strains in my tent which I thought they were both the same when I acquired the clones but oh well , I still believe they both are 8 week flower, I am on my 8th week of flower tomorrow. I’m growing in coco and under 660w hps - temps 28-30 humidity 45-60. Just need any...
  3. D

    White hairs developing in late bloom - Over matured hairs - Normal or from stress?

    These started developing in late bloom, not sure why: This one is further behind, but also seems to have developed these white hairs after already maturing the initial hairs: Shows how a single white sprout is showing up, all leading me to believe this is due to an issue, and not...
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