white rhino

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    day 15 flower (90 from seed) nirvana seeds white rhino on left original glue on right
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    day 15 flower (90 from seed) nirvana seeds white rhino on left original glue on right
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    original glue nirvana white rhino nirvana day 1 flower (76 total from seed)
  4. Nick420Guy

    Nick420Guy's 2x2 Tent Perpetual Grow

    1-Blueberry Fem 1-White Rhino Fem 1-Blue Cookies Fem Home made super soil but might do a fogponic setup for one of them as I have all the stuff. 3 Gal fabric pots Nutes - Mega Crop probably lol haven't got it yet. Also want to see how @MrSauga does with his. I'm using Dutch Nutrient success in a...
  5. Asesino85

    Asesino's Multi-Strain - Coco - LED - Grow 2

    Welcome back to round #2! My last journal was a lot of fun but now that I have some experience under my belt, I hope to show what I have learned. I yielded basically 2.25oz a plant for my first grow ever. I really would like to hit 3oz a plant this time but I would be happy with any improvement...
  6. L

    My First Grow in Life!

    Hello fellas,Its my first post in the forum since i come here last year and its my first grow!..Great thanks to:420: ! ....:420: forums post helps me get a lot of informations for how to grow a plant from seedlings to flowers. Ive got some equipments from the Ebay and Amazon.. I got an white...
  7. H

    White Rhino Germinated Seed

    Hey whats up Brederin?? I dont consider myself a newbie but I do have a couple questions about germinated seeds. I have recently got a few solid seeds and the White Rhino is germinating as we speak. Before I knew I was going to get these seeds I started another seedling. I usually germinate...
  8. A

    Seamus' - Anxiolyticure - First Grow: Hydro Organic White Rhino/KC 36/Liberty Haze

    Howdy folks! :Namaste: This will be my first grow of medical plants for my family. Since I am a total newb, I would appreciate and welcome any constructive criticism! Edit: No longer organic. :( What strain is it? Green House Seed Co. White Rhino Fem (x2) KC Brains KC 36 (x2) Barney's Farm...
  9. T

    Hello All Young green thumb from MI here.

    Hello my fellow green thumbs. Im kinda new to this whole world here but i think im getting the hang of it lol. Anyhow everyone here seems nice so far and with lots of knowlage and im kinda diggin this site. Curious is there anyone else here from MICH? if so drop me a line.
  10. T

    Tommygreens Hydro Ebb n Gro - White Rhino - Purps & Headband 2013

    Hello Friends, I'm kinda new here and have been lookin around at all the journals and have to say that i think this site is great. Everyone here has the knowlage and people here are nice enough to offer advice anyhow here is my set up. I'm currently running eight ladys in flower i have...
  11. jb24420

    DWC-AeroGarden Monster Hybrid MMJ Patient Grow System

    :welcome: This is the culmination of three months of solid research on growing MMJ for a legal project :reading420magazine: After extracting the theories and science developed by professionals and amateurs alike I am ready to RoorRip the whole ball of wax and build it on a micro scale...
  12. B

    Black Widow - White Rhino - 600 Watt MH/HPS DIY Indoor Grow - 1st Grow!

    hello all 420 member's.... i'm black widow..i'd like to welcome everyone i'v already spoke to and the rest of 420 to check this journal out and feel free to comment and give advice if you would like..thank you in advance.. my grow is going to consist of starting out as fallow's.. 4 x Mylar...
  13. G

    First Timer - Hoping for Big Things to Happen - 400 HPS White Rhino

    Hello, This is my first grow and my girls are 2 weeks old as of today. I was given some feminized white rhino seeds from a friend. Here is what I am using: 400 watt HPS light 2x4x5 grow tent inline 4" air blower digital tempature and humidity gage metromix professional growers soil...
  14. JokerJohn

    JJ's 3rd Grow White-Rhino - Super Lemon Haze - White Castle

    Hello all! Welcome to my grow guys & girls! So its that time to start a new grow again ;) YAY! :) hope you all enjoy the ride with me Lets get into it :) Indoors/outdoors : Indoors- Secret Jardin darkstreet 2 - 1.5x1x5x2m Growing Medium : Soil Nuts/Fertz : Advance Nutrients- Big Bud,Bud...
  15. U

    Ice Dream Big Bang Auto - White Widow and White Rhino

    Hello Tokers and Growers, Time to start a new journal on 3 x Ice Dream, 3 x Big Bang Autos, 2 x White Rhino and 1 x White Widow. They'll be grown in 3 liter Air Pots in Kilomix soil, using Canna Terra, Canna Rhiztonic and Atami Bloombastic grown in Secret Jardin with 2 x 120 watt LED...
  16. Jesstah

    Old Newbie

    Hi All, Just introducing myself to the site. Im a long long time smoker thats finally starting to grow. I am currently trying to pass time as i am waiting for the courier to deliver my new grow package. Im getting an XL Homebox and all the bits and pieces to go along with it including a 600w...
  17. TomatoPie

    C99, C99xDiesel, White Rhino DWC Medi-Grow - 2010!

    Hi 420magazine, This forum was an eye opener for me, this site was the inspiration, the first grow journals I'd ever read, and my have I read hundreds since that first one some six months ago, I believe Boss' poor man's grow was it. After reading, reading, mining for gold nuggets of...
  18. C

    Newbie question! Clones & feeding advice?

    Hey, brand new grower here, ;) just planted some white rhino clones in one gallon pots-in Fox Farm ocean forest and watered them with ph 5.5ish water. They're hanging out under a 1000k watt hps light for 18 hours. I've been looking around the forums for tips on this but can't quite get all...
  19. sullymonster

    1st grow White Rhino - cfl / hps - help much appreciated

    Firstly a big hello to all as this is my first post :allgood: decided to finally take the plunge and have a go at a little grow ... strain - white rhino greenhouse seeds feminized (Afghan, Brazilian and South Indian) where - 1mx1mx2m progrow tent soil - soil (organic) van de zwaan house and...
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