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white skunk

  1. L

    9 Auto 400w HPS Soil Grow

    Hello everyone :) Glad to join the community and very excited to learn with your feedback. This is my first time with Auto strains, so, tried to read the most possible about this stuff and my setup is what I thought was the best considering the budget I had available, but give me your thoughts...
  2. O

    My First Grow - Growing White Skunk Hydroponically

    Hello ppls this is my first grow experience, i hope u like it. Strain Name: White Skunk Genetics: White Widow x Super Skunk Grade: A Type: Indica dominant hybrid Looks: Pale green with lots of orange hairs and heavy crystallization. Moderate density. Smell: Fruit sweet, with just a slight whiff...
  3. frostyy

    JDL 600 First Real Journal

    Hey guys! I'm going to do a journal using Jd lighting 600w hps and farmers pride organics by Blue Planet nutrients, the strain will be white skunk by white label seeds. the tent I will be using is 36x20x60 inches and I have a 6 inch inline fan with a speed controller for the exhaust...
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