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white skunk

  1. O

    My First Grow - Growing White Skunk Hydroponically

    Hello ppls this is my first grow experience, i hope u like it. Strain Name: White Skunk Genetics: White Widow x Super Skunk Grade: A Type: Indica dominant hybrid Looks: Pale green with lots of orange hairs and heavy crystallization. Moderate density. Smell: Fruit sweet, with just a slight whiff...
  2. frostyy

    JDL 600 First Real Journal

    Hey guys! I'm going to do a journal using Jd lighting 600w hps and farmers pride organics by Blue Planet nutrients, the strain will be white skunk by white label seeds. the tent I will be using is 36x20x60 inches and I have a 6 inch inline fan with a speed controller for the exhaust...
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