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white spots

  1. K

    White, yellow spots on leaves help

    First off weapons Dosi do and ice cream cake Indoor 650 led Sunshine # 4 Worm castings Myco Flora trio 1/2 strength Diamond nectar floralicious Plus Cal-mag (botanicare) Silicate (botanicare) 5 gallon fabric The problem I'm in veg and I've been getting these yellow/white spots on my leaves...
  2. L

    Yellow tips & weird spots on leaves

    Soil: Biobizz light mix Nutrients: Biobizz grow 1ml/L and Biobizz calmag .5ml/L. (The older plant gets 2ml/L grow) 150W Led (TS1000) PH of water 6.8 Humdity is at 50-60% I feed/water every 3or4 days or so 1Liter per plant. (Basically whenever the soil on the top is dry) Hey, this is my first...
  3. cbdhemp808

    Tiny white spots, leaf fungus

    greetings, I am seeing these white fungus spots on my plants here in Hawaii. Does anyone know what this is? It's not spider mites... I have looked at the leaf undersides w/ microscope and there's no bugs. They start out as tiny spots, then develop. Once developed, it appears they rupture to...
  4. Pearcey's Plants

    Seedling leaves turning white

    Hey guys, Just started a couple new seeds and haven’t encountered this issue with seedlings before. The leaf is bright beige and the other leaf has white spots. One of my other seedlings are starting to turn white at the tip as well. Both sitting 2” away from 2x 23W 6500k CFL’s, pH is 7...
  5. A

    White spots on leaves

    Hello, I hope someone can help me with this, white spots on leafs, flowering stage, buds are healthy. Some problems with ph balance, it’s a bit higher than 7, temperature is 23-24, humidity 40-50%. Also on my second plant there is tiny tiny white dots and rust spots on bigger fan leafs:( Leafs...
  6. S

    White & yellow leaf spots

    Hi all, I'm new to the sites and am reaching out for some help. I'm on my first grow and things are mostly going really well. I have a single plant, it's a seed a friend bought from Amsterdam a few years ago. Allegedly og kush. I'm in my second week of flowering and the pistils are coming...
  7. U

    White spots on leaves

    Fairly new to growing, I was checking on my girls and I noticed these white spots on one of my plants leaves. Im thinking spidermights but im hoping im wrong. Can anyone help me out on this? If it is spidermights, does anyone know of how to get rid of them? I don't think ladybugs will stay...
  8. cufix

    My leaves are becoming really strange

    - The strain is called Caboose from ------------- - It is Indica dominant hybrid 70/30 - 7 plants - In flowering stage, day 15 - Indoor, 11l pots with Coco - Perlitte 65/35 - 2 LED lights, one is 400w and other 120w - Is it Air Cooled? No. - Temperature is around 28-29 at day and around 25 at...
  9. S

    Plants lost color/white spots/purple stems

    Ok so my plant (first time growing and it's just some bag seed in experimenting with) is losing a lot of its color. The lower leaves are dying and the uppers are losing color. Also, my stems have turned pretty purple and there's some white spots on the leaves. Here are some pictures.
  10. B

    Some advice would be nice, please.

    Indoor/outdoor, suplemented light when needed, feminized who-knows-what strain, in a mix of soilless media and compost made here at home, and everything was fine until she showed her flowers. She is really just an experiment on side of the indoor girls but I care about all my ladies and I...
  11. L

    Beginner Pro Grow - Need Help from Veteran Grower

    This is the beginning of my first grow. From my pics, you will see my first grow room, and also a problem that I need help in solving. Veteran growers feel free to chime in. I have 3 Mako Haze sativa clones (2 on the far right and 1 on the far left) and 3 Fruit Automatic Flowering sativa seeds...
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