white widow auto

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    WWA in experimental cell
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    Experimental starter cells
  3. bbrown219

    White Widow Auto/300w Led/Canna Indoors Homemade Cabinet Grow

    Hello everyone and welcome to my grow I've been growing now for 6 years and really have gotten the hang of things and want to share my experience and need help also from time to time. With this grow I want to see if i can reach 8 oz of dried and properly cured bud. I did a Road Runner auto...
  4. CptGeorge414

    White Widow looking a bit sad

    So these girls are roughly 2 days old now and I love them so much I’m constantly checking up on them haha but anyway I took a peak today and saw that they look a bit droopy and flimsy. I know there still new but I’m just a little concerned. Thanks !
  5. Bearbunny

    BearBunny's First Closet Grow - AF WhiteWidow - March 2018

    Well I jammed a lot of info in that posts name, but yep that about sums it up. Im starting my first indoor closet grow under a 450w Meizhi LED hood in a 2x4x7 closet. will post pics every few days, looking for advice as I plow thru my first Autoflowers ever. my plans are ... - 3gal pots...
  6. B

    White Widow auto 6 1/2 weeks & Purple Kush at 1/2 weeks

    I think both these plants look like the same plant....white widow auto and purple kush both 6 1/2weeks... this is my second grow of white widow auto and looks nothing like my first grow...
  7. Chappie

    Chappie's First Grow Journal - WW Auto - Soil - Indoor - LED

    Hello everyone and welcome to my first grow journal. Everyone is welcome, the more the merrier as I am fairly new at this and any help/advice is welcomed. And now for the setup. What strain is it?- White Widow Auto Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages?- 60%ind/30%sat/10%rud Is...
  8. I

    White Widow weak leaves help!

    Hi guyes:thumb: Big fan leaves were covering lower branches, which are making buds so they were not getting enough light, i just trimmed them today an now thy look sad and weak.. here are before and after photos.. how is everything going??
  9. I

    When should I start to flower my White Widow?

    Auto White Widow, day number 40-42. Lighting - Cfl 4X65W(6500) & 1X65W(2700). 10Litre pot, Watering 1.5liter once in 3 or 4 days. Guys help, this is my first grow, when to start flowering??
  10. K

    First Timer - Soil - 600W LED - White Widow & Candy Cane Autos - 2x4x7 Tent

    Please see 3rd post down. Formatting got all screwed up on initial post and could not be corrected. First Timer - Soil - 600wLED - WhiteWidow & Candy Cane Autos -2x4x7 tent
  11. Crianza

    Hello All glad to be apart of the Community

    Hey all. I'm new to this channel but so far I've met some good folks. I grew about 3 plants a few years ago and just got back into it this past month. The first grow I had no idea what I was doing, used bagseed, and just had little knowledge about growing in general. Ending up having such a...
  12. Weednoob

    Weednoob's First Grow - Soil - Indoor - White Widow Auto - 2017

    Hello there weed lovers. Im am new to this site but it got me very interested into growing weed. I smoke weed just for fun and some relaxing but for me it costs a bit. So I thought why not grow a plant so I can spare money and have more weed to smoke with my friends :high-five: So this is my...
  13. B

    White Widow Auto 8 weeks - Should I be trimming anything

    Here are my White Widow Auto at almost 8 weeks...should I be trimming them or let them be?
  14. H

    Putin's Easy-Going Threesome For The Very First Time - 2017

    Hello, everyone! That's how is saying "Hi!" usually in English within my motherland, beautiful, powerful and bright country, Russia. Should introduce myself first. My name is Vladimir, the rest I can't tell you, it's TOP SECRET, due to things what we all do on our own. But if they knew, that I'm...
  15. D

    First Real Grow - WW Auto - T5 & CFLs

    I am finally ready to start my first real grow. This is something that I have been thinking about for a long time and it actually began last night. I am from Massachusetts and my grow is going to be 100% legal. I have been crunching as much information and research as possible over the last...
  16. J

    JBois' 1st Grow - LED - Bubbleponics - White Widow Auto - March 2017

    Hello Fellow Growers This is my first grow and first post on this forum! Happy to be a part of the community. Here are the facts about my first grow. -I bought 5 white widow auto seeds from Nirvana. I also got 10 free seeds from them. -I am using a bubbleponics type of setup for my first...
  17. MysticJourney

    Mystic's First Grow - 3 Strains In Cabinet With Soil & LED 2017

    Hi all :4: Been looming around here for a couple months anticipating my first grow. So excited to have 1st stage successful pics to start this off -- owed to all the sharing that goes on in this place. So thank you guys for that right out the gate. Please if any of you have tips, warnings, or...
  18. T

    Timmy Haha's White Widow Auto DWC Grow

    Seeding Day Haha! I didn't know what else to call today, as I've only just soaked the seed for 24 hours and popped it in a rapid rooter tonight! I'd like to get this thread started, though, because I'm closing out my first grow journal tonight and wanted to get this new journal started and...
  19. 4

    First Ever Grow - Crop King White Widow Auto & 2 Unknown - 1000W LED x2

    Hi guys just found out about this site a week or so ago from one of the sponsors. Looking for any advice as this is my very first grow. I had the opportunity to get some hands on time in a local growers tents. Not a know it all, just looking for some friendly advice on my "low budget" grow...
  20. J

    First grow problem using White Widow Auto

    hi, It is my first grow planting White Widow Auto, On day 18, i found some stains on the leaves and thought the soild PH value was too low (around 4-5) or light was too close (using 40W LED at about 10" distance from plant). After adjusting PH to 7 and light to about 20" distance, it seemed...