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white widow autoflower

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    Indie Grower's First Ever Grow In Closet: White Widow Auto In Regular Garden Soil, 50W LED Bulb, Advice Always Appreciated

    Hello and Namaste for stopping by. I have been doing a lot of research on this site and have prepared a poor closet set-up with a 50W LED Bulb and some high quality garden soil. My White Widow seeds have germinated, planted in a plastic pot and now our girl "Bliss" is 5 days old so I decided...
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    I love the smell of frosty tops in the morning...
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  4. bbrown219

    White Widow Auto/300w Led/Canna Indoors Homemade Cabinet Grow

    Hello everyone and welcome to my grow I've been growing now for 6 years and really have gotten the hang of things and want to share my experience and need help also from time to time. With this grow I want to see if i can reach 8 oz of dried and properly cured bud. I did a Road Runner auto...
  5. aceknight

    White Widow Seeds - Super Quality - Auto-Flower

    Received White Widow Seeds and after 19 hrs root busted through shell. ***(Ph tap water 5.9/using lemon & Baking Soda) White Widow Seeds by Crop King Seed Company | GlobalNewsCentre.com
  6. R

    Crop King White Widow Autoflower Grow Journal - First Grow - 2017/18

    :welcome: Stick with me on this fun adventure as I attempt my very first Cannabis grow. I have done so much research over the last 5 years that between my excitement and the enormous amount of information out there, I hope to get some decent results like I have seen from other growers...