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white widow autos

  1. T

    New to autos

    So I'm a regular for the use of cannabis, but find its so expensive. I've thought about setting a auto grow discrete being the most vital. One plant. Would it be worth my time and effort. How much would I get from one plant. The space I have is 1x1 foot and can be upt to 2.75m tall. How should I...
  2. Wallanaise the Haze

    First Time: Outdoor Grow

    Hi All, So i have finally decided to try out my first grow now im the proud owner of a small garden. Unfortunately i have no room in my house for an indoor grow so i have no choice but to risk an outdoor grow with the British Summer (which as of late has been very good, hence trying this out)...
  3. F

    General Advice

    This is my White Widow Auto. Its 5 weeks old today. Its 48cm tall and I'm seeing some pistils now. I haven't a clue what I'm doing at this stage. I'm feeding it guano tea and it does look quite healthy to me. What do you guys think. What should I do next. How long is left and should I change to...
  4. Lady G2HM

    CKS White Widow Autos 100% Organic Grow - Cher - Zsa Zsa & Celine

    Growing The Love This is a 100% organic grow indoors for medical purposes only. ;) 1. Type:White Widow Auto (Cher, Zsa Zsa & Celine) x 3 (Born Jan 17, 2017):Love: Week:2 Days:9 Temp: 24-26 Hum: 25-35% Technique:Will LST and top all three.:thumb: Comments:All 3 of these babies are...
  5. Lord Simmer

    White Widow: Robert Bergman

    This was my first grow Strain Name - White Widow R From - Robert Bergman When - 8/16 Price - 3 seeds for $35 Type - 60 sativa 40 indica Appearance - Green and orange hair Smell - great. not as heavy as one would think Taste - delicious in joints and the first green hit in bowl...
  6. KnottyBoy

    6 x 150W Satellite LED Coco AutoFlower Grow AK47 White Widow Big Bud

    Hey guys, This is my first grow so I'm going to need your help 420 Magazine! haha. What I'm working with: Tent: Secret Jardin DS120 (1.2x1.2x1.8m) Medium: CANNA COCO Bucket size: 2.6 gallons (10 litres) Lights: 6 x 150W HIDHUT Satellite LED's (about 39 Watts each, so roughly 234W...
  7. S

    Smeeze's Northern Lights/White Widow/Ultraviolet Grow Journal 2013

    First grow so please bare with me :welcome: Growing 3 strains; 2 Northern Lights, 1 White Widow, 1 Ultraviolet; all autoflowering. Don't really have any info as Indica, Sativa Hybrid or percentages go. They're a week and two days old :thanks: Indoor in FF soil, 2.5 Gallon pots. Under 3 6500k...
  8. Perfect Sun LED

    WW Autos Super Hempy - LED - HPS - Miracle Grow Experiment

    What's up, fellow growers. Here is what I got going this time as my other grow is about finished. Day 45 of flower on that one. You can check it here. This time around, I will be trying a few things. Once they are in veg stage, out of seedling stage, I will be feeding one auto with Miracle...
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