white widow big bud

  1. LEDRF

    LEDRF's White Widow x Big Bud & Incredible Bulk - Gavita & Apollo

    Before I get started with all the information on this grow, here are a few pics of previous grows. This next plant is still growing outside and is almost six feet tall now. What strain is it? Strains: Dr Krippling's Incredible Bulk (feminized) and Female's White Widow x Big Bud...
  2. C

    White Widow x Big Bud 4 Week Flower

    Hi, I'm on week 4 of flowering some nice white widow x big bud, I'm using a 1.2 m2 grow tent with a 600 watt has and a rhino filter, I'm using a lot of the house and garden range of nutes and it's all in 20 litre pots full of coco! It's my first grow so I'd like to know if they look ok? Will put...
  3. S

    First time growers white widow / big bud.

    Hiya all we have recently started our own grow and are looking for some help and advice a long the way. We have got 3 white widows and 5 big bud unfortunately 2 of our white widows didn't make it through germination! They are now on day 19 and are doing OK as far as we know as we have never had...
  4. S

    How many oz's on average would i get of my 1 white widow?

    can anyone tell me on an average how many oz's u produce off one plant?? i have a grow off 8 3 white widow and 5 big bud just wondering what to expect! :thankyou::cool027::439::rollit: