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white widow feminized

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    Day 43 of flowering and looking for guidance as this is my first grow. Should I harvest according to the pistils changing to brown or pay more attention to the trichomes? There are 20 colas that look the same way and don't want to harvest too early. Thanks all for any input!!
  2. Dadbod

    First Time Grower: Mars Hydro SP3000, Gorilla Grow Tent, White Widow & Strawberry Cough

    I am a first time grower and don’t have any hands-on practical knowledge; I’m reading K of Trichme Technologies and Ed Rosenthal, watching loads of YouTube and am now tapping into the forums. I’m not much of a writer so here is what has happened so far: Ordered seeds from Crop King Seeds on Aug...
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    White widow both out well one other is on route .
  4. aceknight

    White Widow

  5. lilsnow

    Lilsnow: White Widow, 2nd Cabinet Grow

    It's been a long time my friends, Work had me traveling a lot so I wasn't home enough to take care of a grow. That has thankfully changed so it was the perfect chance to attempt my second grow. You can see my first one in my signature, I purchased a 600 W HPS supercloset second hand. For this...
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    white widow at two days since germination
  7. N

    C99xBlueberry Fast, My Grow Journal

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    White Widow
  9. S

    BCNL Bloombox Hydro White Widow 2017

    Hello I'm very new to this i have a bloombox from bcnl I'm growing white widow the mother is 3 months old tried cloning for the first time using the power cloner i got with the box but took 18 days to see any roots had to leave for a few days and they died pump was full of slime temps got to hot...
  10. C

    My First Official Grow: White Widow In DWC From Seed

    So here we are back at it again, but this time everything is all set up and I have everything that I need (for the most part) so let's get this party started. I probably should have started this journal when I first popped the seeds but was high and lazy, but now we are about a month into veg...
  11. A

    Help with White Widow?

    hey guys name is az first timer here please if you got time to hear me out i know it might be a long paragraph but im just gonna try and explain my situation really fast here... alright well so far have burned through 10 fem purple k seeds from a quality seed bank (first mistake on my part...
  12. S

    Better Late Then Never - White Widow Auto Fem In Soil - LED

    Hey, I am starting this journal more as a point of reference in which I can keep track of things I know I will forget :thumb: Here is where I started and where things are at present: * Dec I ordered 10 White Widow auto fem seeds from Crop King - no issues arrived quickly "shoot out to...
  13. G

    Steveo`s First Grow - LED - Feminized White Widow

    Whats up guys! I told you it was coming here it is, Supplies: Seed: feminized white widow Plants: 1, 5 gallon smartpot Grow tent: milliard 36'' x 20'' x63'' Led light:mars hydro 480 watt with apollo horticulture adjustable grow light rope hangers and hydrofarm 7 day digital timer airflow...
  14. QKrop

    DP's - White Widow & Regular White Widow

    Starting a new thread for my widows 3 gal air-pots, led Mix of promix and biobizz And.. Perlite Vermiculite Dolomite line Bat guano Crab shells Soft rock phosphate Some humic acid DP White widow is 35 days old and the regular widow is 3 weeks old Will post pics soon...
  15. I

    LED Grow Journal - White Widow

    Hi everyone, Welcome to my first grow journal. A bit of a background; This is my Second grow (first is almost starting flowering) but my first grow from seeds, I had a bit of an issue getting seeds so i went ahead and started with a few clones for my first round. The clones are turning out...
  16. Z

    ZombieHunter's Hydro Grow Journal - White Queen & White Widow - GH EcoGrower - 2014

    System:GH EcoGrower Continuous Drip/DWC hybrid Strain(s):White Widow FEMINIZED & White Queen Nutrients:GH 3-part nutrients Micro, Bloom & Grow using Lucas Formula with Minor Tweeks Ok, I am right at the 30 day mark from germination and 15 days in the EG (EcoGrower) PPM:~1300TDS...
  17. G

    Ganja Squad's - 600W LED - 50 2L Hempy Pots - White Widow - S.O.G. - 1st Grow

    Alright everybody I know there are tons of these on here but i decided that being my first grow i will go ahead and make a journal as I go through the process. For those who lack patience or simply don't wish to follow a day by day journal then this is not the thread for you. This is truly a...
  18. G

    First time grow! Need Help!

    Hello everyone so i am currently underway with my first grow. I have 3 ILGM white widow fem seeds in miracle grow organic soil. The seeds have popped out of the soil and are now on their second day above ground. I have a few questions as to the curvature of the leaves and am a little worried...
  19. A

    Axis' First Time Grow! White Widow Under 220W LED - 2014

    Hey everyone! Well I am a first time grower that has been studying how to grow and cultivate my own home grown Marijuana for years now. I am no expert and I am sharing my journey and hoping for some real experts to give me some tips whenever I can get them! Okay to begin, I am just posting...
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