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white widow x big bud

  1. greengostarr

    My 2nd LED Indoor Grow - White Widow x Big Bud & Assorted Supporting Cast

    Hi folks and welcome to my 2nd indoor grow. My first has not quite finished yet, but will probably do so within the next two weeks and the results are not quite what I was hoping for so I was eager to move on and put into practice some of the things I learnt. My first grow was a pathetic...
  2. Sneakygreen

    OG Kush & WWxBB Grow - Indoor Tent

    1st indoor grow I ordered seeds from herbies and after a few weeks nothing. So I sent an email notifying them of this and they resent for me received two weeks later! I ordered feminised white widow seeds I also got a dinafem og kush and 2 afganis as freebis! The next day I germed 1 wwxbb and...
  3. C

    WW X BB 1st Grow - 600W - Coco

    Hello and welcome to the journey of my 1st grow. SET UP 1.2 x 1.2 x2.0 tent 1 x 600 cool tube 2 x 5 inch fans and ducting 1 small fan for air movement 4 x 25L pot (i think) ph pen bluelab wand. plain coco growing medium. dutch pro nuits magnesium replacement (1ml per litre of...
  4. B

    BHT's 2nd CFL Soil Grow - White Widow & WWxBB - FFOF - DIY Cabinet

    Bubba's 2nd CFL grow Howdy again all. Those of you who were following my first grow (see link in signature below) know that I ran into all kinds of snags and ultimately ended up with a failed grow. Both of my previous plants came from Blue Dream bagseed and I'm convinced that bad genetics...
  5. T

    First grow slight problem

    Hey everyone, first grow here and just ran into an issue I could use some help with. 3 White Widow x Big Bud Vegged for 25 days Day 5 flower Bioactive cocopeat 10ltr airpots 1.45x0.8m tent 2 mars ii 400w LEDs Temperature range 20.9-26.8 Humidity range 54-74% Water ph 6.5 Only used...
  6. T

    White Widow X Big Bud && Unknown

    Afternoon, I have been lurking (unregistered) around these forums for a few years, So today I decided I would actually post my own grow room. Anyway... I currently Have 5 Plants 1 Being a mother white widow (from her I have taken 9 cuttings) but I decided to flower her on the 14th of june as...
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