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  1. donnyd63

    My White Widow Fem - First Time Strain - 3rd Time Grower

    I really don't know where to start here, Some of you's will remember my last 2 attempts @ Grow Journals. I want EVERYONE to Know I will No Longer be Paranoid or worried about any type of Invasion Either. LOL I mean I have a Grow Cabinet, (the Yielder Max by: Cabinet Grow) that is capable of a 4...
  2. 2

    Help please - Will this work?

    ive been searched at school and found a throw together pipe I made, so I told them it wasn't mine and so far they believe, but I might have to take a drug test at 8ish in the morning, ive been drinking green tea and took a lax yesterday and just now since I was caught. im gonna drink pickle...
  3. M

    I need help with so many options

    Starting indoor for the first time. Ive got everything picked out except two things. Ill be using ebb & flood and im curious what i can use for medium that will go the life cycle of the plant and reusable. I dont want to have to change anything if at all possible. I also am wondering about what...
  4. R

    GOP - Marijuana and our Vets

    Today I got an Email from the Daily Conservative/Daily Sanity group that says.... "Yesterday, the GOP announced a major advancement in VA care. Do you know what it was? They passed an amendment to a bill that will allow veterans to receive prescriptions for medical marijuana. Now, I am sure...
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