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  1. Z

    What is this weird deficiency! Mites? 5 weeks into flower. Very concerned.

    Hey. Not sure what the problem with my ladies is but i'm desperate to save them! They were doing wonderful until about a week ago. First a couple leafs and now the entire plant is starting to progressively get worse. I've spent so much time and energy on this grow. I'm almost willing to do...
  2. Lady Antheia

    A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step

    My first step began when I started wondering about medical cannabis and asked my doctor about it out of desperation. Thanks to the many wonderful people on this site and others that have been willing to share, I have learned a great amount and am now confident in my decision to move forward on...
  3. A

    Why are my seedlings wilting? Photos attached

    Hi, I know my seedlings is too tall, I done some mistakes before, but I have another problem... Everything was good till yesterday. Yesterday in the morning I saw the leaves are going down, I bought a moisture meter and it showed that the soil is dry, and I watered up to scale 7. After...
  4. G

    Need some help

    In kinda stuck in the middle of a rock in a hard spot is anyone out there in Colorado willing to loan me a extra used 1000watt ballast till my harvest is done, willing to work out a deal for it on harvest time. Please and thank you, I know its alto of me to ask but I would do what I could to...
  5. M

    New Grower with questions on a light

    I'm looking at an LED light. 300W, full spectrum. The tent im going to use is 46x26x60. Is this light good enough, because that is the price I'm willing to spend.