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    Wind Damage & Russet Mites - Help!

    Currently growing outdoors in Southern Oregon where thunder storms are running rampant right now. We had some pretty severe wind damage on our plants in 200 gallon smart pots. Two of them are completely gone and the rest I have tied up and am hoping that some B Vitamin and water will alleviate...
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    Help, I Think My 3-Week-Old Babies Are Dying

    To try and help my outdoor plants take in more sun and get an extra hour or two each day, I surrounded them with mylar reflectors. Unfortunately, when I came home from work the next day, the wind had knocked one of the reflectors over on to the plants, causing them to not get sun that day. When...
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    Companion growing

    Quite by accident I have found that when I planted sunflowers in my outdoor garden plot to form a screen I was also benefiting my crop. After my third year outdoor in the eastern California desert I have had exactly zero problems with insects of any kind. Just recently I read that sunflowers...
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