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  1. Jack Herer/GSC and Grandaddy purple

    Jack Herer/GSC and Grandaddy purple

    Last month of flower in 39x39 Mars hydro tent under philizon COB 630 Watt, and carbon filter
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    Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

    Desperately need doctor in winnipeg to prescribe medical weed. I suffer with multiple sclerosis and the pain gets so bad! Please help if you can! Thanks!
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    Coming Soon To A Store Near You - Pot

    A federal task force has rolled up its sleeves to put together a report due in November on how Canada might legalize marijuana. It would then take until next spring for the governing Liberals (perhaps April 20?) to bring a legislation up for debate in the House. Notwithstanding the gateway...
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    Tokers Light Up In First Ever Winnipeg Cannabis Cup

    If you're passing through St. Vital this weekend, you might see a strange formation of low-hanging clouds. Tokers, educators, activists and vendors in the budding medical marijuana industry are in Winnipeg for the "Kind Kup," or what's being billed as Winnipeg's first-ever Cannabis Cup, to...
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    Are you from Winnipeg?

    So am I! High. How are you? :peace:
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