1. Jack Herer/GSC and Grandaddy purple

    Jack Herer/GSC and Grandaddy purple

    Last month of flower in 39x39 Mars hydro tent under philizon COB 630 Watt, and carbon filter
  2. C

    Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

    Desperately need doctor in winnipeg to prescribe medical weed. I suffer with multiple sclerosis and the pain gets so bad! Please help if you can! Thanks!
  3. Katelyn Baker

    Coming Soon To A Store Near You - Pot

    A federal task force has rolled up its sleeves to put together a report due in November on how Canada might legalize marijuana. It would then take until next spring for the governing Liberals (perhaps April 20?) to bring a legislation up for debate in the House. Notwithstanding the gateway...
  4. Katelyn Baker

    Tokers Light Up In First Ever Winnipeg Cannabis Cup

    If you're passing through St. Vital this weekend, you might see a strange formation of low-hanging clouds. Tokers, educators, activists and vendors in the budding medical marijuana industry are in Winnipeg for the "Kind Kup," or what's being billed as Winnipeg's first-ever Cannabis Cup, to...
  5. L

    Are you from Winnipeg?

    So am I! High. How are you? :peace:
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