1. C

    Help with wiring ballast and light

    What's up everyone i"'m just in the middle of setting up my second tent, I got a 600w hps with reflector and ballast but no wireing. Is this normal? In Ireland light kits always came with wires. The last time I bought a whole grow tent with lights etc the wires came. This grow shop does not sell...
  2. perihelion

    Does anybody know how to wire a PC fan and a light bulb together?

    Howdy! Does anybody know how to wire a light socket and a 9 - 12 volt PC fan together in such a way that only a single plug is used at the wall outlet? My stealthy grow box uses 4 CFL lights and 2 PC fans (five inch diameter). I've always wanted to wire it all so that there is only one plug at...
  3. S

    PLL lights need help with wiring

    Hi 420! Need help wiring up my new Philips HF-P ballast to a UK Mains supply, is it similar to wiring a pc fan to a mobile phone charger or is it more complex? I am fairly confident I can wire the lights to the ballast but really not sure how to wire the ballast to the mains. Any help...
  4. S

    Coolsun aircooled tube light wiring

    I bought this light but have no clue on how to hook it up or what to do with the wires in the tube light itself. What do I hook up these wires to
  5. T

    Electrician's help needed Urgently!

    My plants are ready to go into the flowering room, but I have not yet completed the wiring. Stealth purposes prevent me from asking for advice from local electricians and supply shops. I need help with a few items, please Allow me to describe my set-up: 220V supply New circuit breaker...
  6. D

    400W Magnetic Ballast questions

    Hi Guys, I recently bought a 400w ballast which says "For High Pressure Sodium or Metal Halide lamp with external superimposed ignitor" There's two slots to insert wires, one say 450v, the other 4mm². My question is, do I still need more things, or is this ballast and the reflector enough...
  7. B

    DIY centrifugal fan, need electrical help

    Hi everybody. I've built this squirrel cage fan using a motor from a Vick's Starry Night humidifier. It's been so long since I gutted it I can not remember how the motor was wired and can't get the stock speed control to work. I'm testing the fan on straight 110v and it works great but I get a...
  8. J

    Mini fridge grow box

    I had the great idea to convert a mini fridge into a grow box. This will be my 3rd time growing but I've never built a grow box. I need help and ideas on the wiring part of it. I need to know how to install a pc or computer fan as ventilation and how to install the lighting. The simpler the better.
  9. B

    Light&Cooling Help: Growing in a GL60

    I have a GL60 grow tent (2'x2'x5'3"). I used to run a 150W HPS in this tent without an inline fan, temps were crazy, and it was definitely not enough light for the tent. Now, I am able to upgrade a few things and am curious as to what to get... My options are a 250W HPS, or a 400W HPS. If...
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