wonder woman

  1. Post xplant; pre snip

    Post xplant; pre snip

  2. 4 strains 17 days or so

    4 strains 17 days or so

  3. Transplant Day

    Transplant Day

  4. 2w2d since germination

    2w2d since germination

  5. Wonder Woman Dexso Extract

    Wonder Woman Dexso Extract

  6. Wonder Woman Dexso Extract

    Wonder Woman Dexso Extract

  7. J

    JimiGrows 4 Strain in Scrog - Indoor Soil

    New year, new grow. This time I'm growing Maui Waui, Bubblelicious, Wonder Woman, and Somango XXL from Nirvana. All are feminized. I'll be putting them in a scrog like I did my last Sour Jack grow to keep the heights even in the 4ftx4ft tent. They're in my 2'x2' tent where it's easier to keep...
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  10. Rastaweedman4

    Wonder Woman & Short Ryder

    They are father down the line production wise they are in 10 gallon dwc bin general hydroponics flora series nothing speical all regualar ph temps and ecs they are past the 21 day mark they are auto they are showing sign of flowering it is under a 150w hps hoping for some nice buds ill keep you...
  11. SativaSteve

    First Time - SCROG - Wonder Woman

    Day 13 moved into bigger pot and began lining walls with tin foil: budget grow, any tips appreciated :)
  12. closetcasecfl

    Perpetual Capn Style Grow Tent Rockwool

    Welcome to my new grow journal. I think I'll call this one "third time lucky" I have did a small closet grow that taught me a lot! After that I got a 1.5mx1.5mx2m grow tent and scaled things up a bit. It was going great and then BAM! I had to move, just when flowering started. Safe to say...
  13. D

    Nirvana - Wonder Woman - Indoor Deep Water Culture - DWC Grow Journal - 2016

    This is my first grow so I figured if I keep a Journal here then I have the best chance of getting all the advice I need. Thank you in advance for your suggestions and tips. Strain: Wonder Woman 50/50 Hybrid Stage: Seedling/Beginning Veg indoor in Hydro Light: 4 X 55w (220w) High Output T5 Grow...
  14. D

    Wonder Woman - Short Rider First Grow

    What strain is it? Wonder Woman, Short Rider Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Seedling trying to reach the big girl stage If in Veg... For how long? WW broke ground 2/14 Short Rider 2/26 If in Flower stage... For how long? Indoor or outdoor? Indoor...
  15. Joesoap

    3 Strain - Aurora Indica - Wonder Woman & Haze #1 - Nirvana Grow

    Hey everone, Im growing all nirvana strains here. The wonder woman and the aurora indica are fem'd and the haze#1 is just ordinary seeds. For this grow im going to be using: (a)1 WW, 1 AI and 2 HAZE#1 seeds. (b)Plagron all mix for my medium, then moving to plagron bat-mix soil for flowering...
  16. G

    Guido's Wonder Woman, 1st Grow

    Hello All, This is my first experience growing mj, I have been a smoker for 38 years and am getting tired of spending $150 a week on smoke. So I figured why not give it a try. I do not know much about growing and even less about growing in a bubbler so any help is much appreciated. I am...