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  1. Garden right after transplan

    Garden right after transplan

    First day in 5-gal pots in this garden Bubblicious is lower left and center Maui Waui is upper left Somango XXL is upper right Wonder Woman is lower right
  2. onewarmguy

    Buds in Space!

    Astronaut Chris Hadfield testing marijuana in space. Apparently they delivered "640 seeds of a flowering weed used for research" on the Dragon resupply rocket, Hadfield was up there 166 days, wonder what kind of yield he got in a weightless environment. :thumb: ]
  3. S

    Wonder Woman Strain Review

    Wonder Woman by Nirvana Advertised Genetics: Super Skunk x White Widow Growth: Outdoor in ground, planting zone 5a Here is a link to my grow journal Kaya Gold & Wonder Woman - Outdoor Northern Climate Cure: 6 days hanging, 12 days jarred Tested with freshly cleaned Extreme Q heated for 10...
  4. T

    Seedling advice

    Hi. I am attempting my first indoor plant and need some advice. I have 2x3 week old seedlings and they're short and fat! The length between leave growth is basically zero and they are only about 2 inches tall. I was going to nip the tops to get branches growing but I wonder if they will need...
  5. S

    Wonder what if?

    hi..i wonder what if i put my plant (needs one more week of flushing)and then harvest....so if i take it of the pot and clean the roots woth water so no soil on roots and then put it on a botle or something else with just water...is it going to work?u know guys i just try to experiment ...i...
  6. D

    Let's talk about the legalization of cannabis in Canada

    So like trudeaus gone quiet on this promise..haven't heard a thing ...makes me wonder what the hay is happe ning...does anyone have any interesting news on this one?...or accurate news please?
  7. Q

    60 Day Wonder Help

    I germinated my 60 Day Wonders (x3) on 12/28/2015. One of the seeds didn't pop so that left me with two. Of the two that did one is growing great while the other is struggling getting past seedling. Is the runt able to be saved? Since these seeds are genetic mutants is the germination rate...